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by Andrew_D in Surfacing

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  • Martin Mitrovic
    12 days ago

    It is broken, save often i had to stop blender 4.1 so many times, using and blending a few textures and it crashes, i have 11 Gb free Vram when the crashes happen. Sometimes just the plug in crashes with a error message sometimes it destroys what I done. It cant seem to handle detailed landscapes. Be very careful when using this.

  • sameer uddin
    about 2 months ago

    Just bought the addon , i don't think there is any other addon on the market that does what EPBRN does ! It is simply fantastic ! it bundles up many tools into one and no need to dive into the shading slot to create masks and paint , this handles most of the needs right off the N tab . I guess a few users were disgruntal about the Download issues , but they seem to working fine now , they are downloading as of now and think of the sheer size of the assets it is understandable that it might take a little time , I have many other good addons for materials like sanctus and ducky's mats but i am really thrilled to work with this as it gives you the option to paint textures without painfully setting em up ! Thank you Andrew for keeping such a generous pricing for the product too.

  • Erno
    3 months ago

    I do not really understand people that are complaining. This is one of the best addon in Blender's history. For me it is in the Top 3, ever. If you have it you will not need any other shading addon anymore. Of course, as everything else it can be improved but the creator is working on it really hard and he makes it better and better. The documentation is flawless, the communication is livid. If you can't use it or you are unable to enjoy it, the problem is in you, not in the addon :) Buy it with trust!

  • tenzin
    5 months ago

    As someone who has used the Extreme PBR addon for Blender, I can confidently say that it has significantly enhanced my 3D modeling and rendering experience. This addon is a fantastic package, equipped with great functionalities that have streamlined my workflow. Its extensive library of materials allows for fast and enjoyable addition of textures and materials to my scenes, making the creative process more fluid and less time-consuming.

    One of the key strengths of this addon is its utility in creating custom material libraries from various PBR maps. This feature has been particularly useful to me as it allows for high levels of customization and specificity in my projects, especially in architectural visualization where specific materials are crucial. Furthermore, the addon is not just a comprehensive material library but also functions as a powerful material tool, enabling me to mix, blend, and fine-tune materials to achieve the desired look and feel in my projects.

    Overall, the Extreme PBR addon has become an indispensable tool in my Blender toolkit. Its ease of use, coupled with the depth and quality of its material library, makes it a valuable asset for any 3D artist or designer looking to elevate their work in Blender.

  • Christer Andersén
    5 months ago

    This is such a nice package with great functionalities. Well done!

  • Salvador J. Gutierrez
    5 months ago

    Great library of materials. Makes it fast and fun to add materials into my scene. Installation was confusing at first, but documentation explained everything. Make sure you have plenty of hard drive space.

  • drakulloni
    6 months ago

    Definitely one of the more useful add-ons for Blender. I see that many people leave negative comments because they can't download the entire material library. Come on, folks, relax; you don't actually need to download all the materials and take up space on your hard drive. The essence of this add-on is not about that at all. All you need to do is download the basic 1/2K version to preview materials. Later, you can manually download materials individually depending on your needs. I've been using this add-on for almost a year, and I haven't downloaded even 30% of the materials. I usually use 4K materials, as I work in architecture, so only specific materials are useful to me. The main strength of this add-on is that you can create your own material libraries from various PBR maps you have on your computer. At least, that's useful to me, along with a bunch of other options to easily customize materials to your needs. The author has a lot of video materials on YouTube channel, which further helps in mastering the use of this add-on. Besides, it's impossible for the add-on to be bad when it has a fantastic retro commercial from the 80s :) Cheers.

  • Smeaf
    6 months ago

    ❌ No Sign-Up Process
    ⚡ Lightning Fast Download Speed
    🍃 Installation Breeze
    ✅ Smeaf Approved

  • hiroshi
    6 months ago

    I update blender3.6 and nexus v41101.
    But I mistake bake.

  • Joe Morris
    7 months ago

    The absolute best thing ever...
    This is the first and most important purchase as a 3D artist you should make!!...
    Use my personal discount code for EXTREME PBR here "toapyandfriends"
    and get the 2000 2K textures, normally $59, for just $44...
    This will be the best day of your life as a 3D artist!!
    [supplied to you by the FAST ANIMATION STUDIO TOOLZ add on]

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