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by Andrew_D in Surfacing

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  • Utku Gogus
    29 days ago

    Thank you! He is answer my questions. This program is amazing.
    Good job.

  • Steve J
    about 1 month ago

    I already have Sanctus and Smartify Nodes, but couldn't resist the birthday sale. Only really scratched the surface so far, but really impressed – not only with the quality of the materials, but also the array of other features which extend PBR Nexus' usefulness – like having all the material properties in one place and easily accessible; quick access to displacement and UV controls; the paint system which lets me easily paint on layers of other materials (think rust, moss, stains etc); and the anti-tile system which is a one-click solution! Extreme PBR Nexus is simply brilliant and worth every penny to a lazy CG artists like me. Looking forward to seeing what other goodies the future brings…

  • fenix
    about 1 month ago

    superlativo. ed ho detto tutto
    in un unico addon sono racchiusi funzioni e soluzioni per gestire non solo i materiali ma tutto ciò che ci gira intorno come effetti, maschere, in ultimo ce anche il materiale procedurale, si può perfino colorare la mesh fino a 4 livelli come con Substance ma direttamente in blender ... ogni qual volta c'era un aggiornamento della versione di blender se io pasticciavo con i file ... scrivendo ad Andrew ricevevo un assistenza immediata ... aiutiamolo anche con la scoperta di bug se ce ne sono. lui e premuroso ed attento a migliorarlo per darci un prodotto sempre più efficiente.

  • Marko
    about 1 month ago

    Wow!!! What a Great Addon the "Extreme PBR Nexus"!!!

    The "Extreme PBR" has the most "Intuitive User Interface"; and the Most Extensive Library; which facilitates the Experience of any Blender-User, and opens up, New Perspectives and gives You the Freedom You Need to Create!!!

    I'm not a Programmer; but I Guess a Lot of Programming and Creative Decisions went into the Development of this Addon!!!

    Via the BlenderMarket, I've got also the other popular Materials/Shader Libraries; and they are good.. don't get me wrong...

    But none comes even Close to the Extreme PBR, Capabilities!!!
    Blending; Mixing Materials; Adding FXs; Texture Painting; Texture Management; Baking...
    Nothing has ever been so Easy an Intuitive..

    And the Bonus is, you can use any third Party Libraries/Materials, and even Convert them into "Extreme PBR Materials / Shaders"; with the "Extreme PBR Shader Maker"... with just one Click!!!

    As a Bonus Tip;

    I also got the the "HDRi Maker", from the same Creator Andrew; and in which you can even Use Your Own HDRi's (or the integrate Huge Library); and Create a Modular World via Different Dome Shapes; in which You can Control every Aspect of them, starting from the Shape/Boundries; up to Color; Shadows... ; and Design your Own Envirement; According to Your Crative Vision!!!

    The Greatest Part is, that you can even Edit the "Ground"; so you can easily Extrude the Rocks; Mountins; Structures of Buildings and Roads.. it is Really Fun to work with it; and it gives You Extreme Realisitc Results!!!

    And You can Use the Gigantic Library of "Extreme PBR Nexus"; to Blend in, these generated Ground-Elements; and add That Realistic Touch to Your World / Envirement!!!

    The "Extreme PBR Nexus" and "HDRi Maker" are a Real Blessing for me as a Blender User; and it Opened Up for me, New Creative Perspectives, which I have never really Thought of!!!

    Thanks for these Great Addons Andrew and Continue Your Great Creative Job !!! ;)

  • Chris Parker
    about 1 month ago

    This is a nice and very useful add-on.
    I don’t normally leave reviews but felt I had to in this case. I had a problem downloading the exapack files because of my very poor broadband. I contacted the creator and he could not have been more friendly and went out of his way to be helpful. If all customer service was like this the world would be a happier place.
    Thanks Andrew - your help has been much appreciated.

  • Kade Markoux
    3 months ago

    Extreme PBR Nexus is definitely a powerhouse and more and should be a welcome addition to any Artists Toolset. Its great to know the basics of material creation and what goes into it but over time it can become a long painstaking process depending on the complexity of the Textures and Materials to apply to a Mesh especially if the Mesh has a specific design, look, and feel and then add in multiple parts within that same Mesh or Object and you'll find yourself spending very long hours just to sort it all out from start to finish. This add-on takes a way a massive amount of those headaches and makes it as easy and simple as possible so that you can get back to doing what you love creating glorious art and games! Thank you for making this and the developer was very responsive and helpful when I had some questions before purchasing. :D

  • Martin Mitrovic
    3 months ago

    It is broken, save often i had to stop blender 4.1 so many times, using and blending a few textures and it crashes, i have 11 Gb free Vram when the crashes happen. Sometimes just the plug in crashes with a error message sometimes it destroys what I done. It cant seem to handle detailed landscapes. Be very careful when using this.

    • Andrew D.

      3 months ago

      Hello Martin, im sorry for the problem, It would be helpful for you to contact me so that I can understand what error you are seeing, so that I can possibly correct it and release a specific update. Please contact me and explain the situation to me if you can, I'm just now working on some bugfixes, it would be helpful to hear your experience. Thank you very much for your support in the meantime.

  • sameer uddin
    5 months ago

    Just bought the addon , i don't think there is any other addon on the market that does what EPBRN does ! It is simply fantastic ! it bundles up many tools into one and no need to dive into the shading slot to create masks and paint , this handles most of the needs right off the N tab . I guess a few users were disgruntal about the Download issues , but they seem to working fine now , they are downloading as of now and think of the sheer size of the assets it is understandable that it might take a little time , I have many other good addons for materials like sanctus and ducky's mats but i am really thrilled to work with this as it gives you the option to paint textures without painfully setting em up ! Thank you Andrew for keeping such a generous pricing for the product too.

    • Andrew D.

      3 months ago

      Hello 👋 Thank you so much for the fantastic comment! Yes exactly, Extreme PBR has been improved to make everything you described, professional and easy to use tool, I work on it every day of the week to make improvements and solve any problems, one of them was the slow download on my server , but now this problem has been solved completely. So luckily there are no more download problems just like you said. I would like to point out that it was not a BlenderMarket problem but mine. Thank you so much for your amazing support ❤

  • Erno
    6 months ago

    I do not really understand people that are complaining. This is one of the best addon in Blender's history. For me it is in the Top 3, ever. If you have it you will not need any other shading addon anymore. Of course, as everything else it can be improved but the creator is working on it really hard and he makes it better and better. The documentation is flawless, the communication is livid. If you can't use it or you are unable to enjoy it, the problem is in you, not in the addon :) Buy it with trust!

    • Andrew D.

      3 months ago

      Thank you very much for your feedback and trust, there was a time when we were using a slow server, and some users had download problems. Now all those problems have been resolved, so there are no more download problems like before, this was the main cause of the Feedback you described. I would like to underline that it was not a BlenderMarket problem, but a problem with my server 👍 Thank you again for your support ❤

  • tenzin
    7 months ago

    As someone who has used the Extreme PBR addon for Blender, I can confidently say that it has significantly enhanced my 3D modeling and rendering experience. This addon is a fantastic package, equipped with great functionalities that have streamlined my workflow. Its extensive library of materials allows for fast and enjoyable addition of textures and materials to my scenes, making the creative process more fluid and less time-consuming.

    One of the key strengths of this addon is its utility in creating custom material libraries from various PBR maps. This feature has been particularly useful to me as it allows for high levels of customization and specificity in my projects, especially in architectural visualization where specific materials are crucial. Furthermore, the addon is not just a comprehensive material library but also functions as a powerful material tool, enabling me to mix, blend, and fine-tune materials to achieve the desired look and feel in my projects.

    Overall, the Extreme PBR addon has become an indispensable tool in my Blender toolkit. Its ease of use, coupled with the depth and quality of its material library, makes it a valuable asset for any 3D artist or designer looking to elevate their work in Blender.

    • Andrew D.

      3 months ago

      This feedback is fantastic and describes Extreme PBR in all its complexity, I spent years perfecting this tool also with the help of many users who supported me, I still dedicate the same time and passion that I dedicated to the beginning,
      So I hope to excite you again with the next news coming soon! Thank you very much for this feedback and your support.

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