Market Statistics

The Blender Market was launched on June 10th, 2014 with the goal of empowering artists and developers to grow professionally and to give back to Blender’s development and community. In pursuit of this, we believe it’s important to maintain transparency and make public the key figures around the marketplace. Below you will find some of the key stats that give insight into the heartbeat of the Blender Market.

Note: the numbers below are cumulative as of the current day. Depending on the time of month these amounts may not have been paid out yet. Payouts are made on a monthly basis. The amount donated to the Blender Dev Fund does not include CG Cookie’s 90 day contribution.

  • 902

    Total Creators in the Market

  • 2091

    Total Products in the Market

  • $921,873.39

    Amount Paid to Creators

  • $44,143.76

    Donated to Blender Fund

  • Number of Items Sold 62077
  • Number of Customers 24966
  • Number of Materials, Shaders, Textures 230
  • Number of Models 1683
  • Number of Scripts and Addons 171
  • Number of Render Setups 56
  • Number of Training Products 44

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