Better Fbx Importer & Exporter

by Mesh Online in Addons

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  • Kevin McGee
    29 days ago

    I tried the addon and I was expecting all my model's textures to export perfectly but it didn't grab all the textures connected to the BSDF. This is what the addon is able to reimport:

    For my needs I was trying to find a way to seamlessly import my blender models in Maya. I'm thinking this addon is more for importing and exporting rigs or animations. I'm considering requesting a refund, because I'm not sure if this addon is useful for me. I was using Blender 4.1.

  • Jeoung Hyun Kim
    4 months ago

    Blender gave me rendering errors for two hours straight and I was going crazy. I tried this one, and it worked perfectly. Honestly, you're a lifesaver. $28 is truly a fair price for this addon. Thank you.

  • jon
    4 months ago

    Not sure if im doing something wrong, but this addon does not do what i was hoping. Importing rigged FBX to blender is always problematic for me, and this didnt seem to fix anything. Bones come in all out of whack, sometimes scaled way too large, sometimes in the wrong place.

    • Mesh Online

      4 months ago

      Hi Jon, you may request a refund if the add-on is not helpful for you.

  • Halil
    7 months ago

    best fbx addon <3

  • Kade Markoux
    7 months ago

    This product is OUTSTANDING with an onslaught of super-useful features built by a developer that truly cares about its users along with fixing any problems as needed. Thank you so much for creating this product! It has helped me in a lot of ways, more times than I can count!

  • Christopher Roberts
    9 months ago

    I got this because I have a number of animated FPS weapons that I include in a toolkit that I sell that were created and exported with 3DS Max, but the majority of my customers use blender and were unable to tweak them. I tried a variety of ways to get the weapons from max into blender, but everywhere I turned, something was completely broken. This add-on solved almost all my problems. Since I’m working with FBX, I don’t get the IK and expressions from the original max source, but I knew that going in. However this is the only way that I managed to get all the meshes in with the correct hierarchy and orientation, the skeleton imported correctly as an armature, working skin weights, and baked animation. All of those worked first time and made life so much easier than it had been trying to use more esoteric formats to bridge the gap. Highly recommend

  • Fedor
    11 months ago

    Very great tool when you need some feature that blender is missing. My favorite stuff is that I can import ASCI encoded files, and that I can properly pack my textures into file for exporting.

  • Mars
    11 months ago

    Saves a few clicks. To Optimize for Game Engines the exported fbx rig bones should have zero rotation, i hope that could be added in the future.

  • Mark Willner
    11 months ago

    Easy to use, worked great for older FBX files.

  • deramscholzara
    12 months ago

    From what I can tell with my testing, not only doesn't this add-on support animated custom properties, but it also seems to arbitrarily skip exporting some properties even without animation on them.

    For example, vanilla blender FBX will export custom properties on bones in Pose Mode, and this exporter will only export custom properties in bones in Object Mode... And neither will have animation curves in the resulting FBX... Which is kinda useless.

    Unfortunately, this add-on doesn't yet seem to solve the one problem I had with the vanilla exporter.

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