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Think about RowdyKint as the most customizable pixelation-shader you can get!

It is called Rowdy-"knit" but in deed it is much stronger than only that. 

I personally use it for pixelation of any kind:

  • LED-walls
  • glass blocks
  • chain mail
  • roof tiles
  • and of course for comfortable wooly knitted materials

Please get inspired by the previews and have a look at the videos,
and share your own great ideas!

How to use:

You can combine movies or images with this shader and combine it with any object (per default, the uv-coordinates are used). Furthermore, it comes with a hair particle system, which you can use optional.

The shader uses a 3D-displacement, which you only access by following settings:

  • Render engine: Cycles > Experimental
  • Material settings: bump and displacement (this is the default setting, if you use RowdyKnit)
  • Modifier: a Subdivision Mod with Adaptive Subdivisions enabled (it should be the last Mod in the queue!)
  • connect the displacement in the node-tree (not a default setting, because old computers could struggle with this)

If your computer struggles with the 3D-displacement, you can still redirect the displacement as a bump-vector.

Enjoy the shader and let me know if you have any questions!

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