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Installation Guide(The installation is same for all versions)

1.Download all the zip files(for pro and lite version)[Based on v1.0]

2.Extract the 'Quick Landscape Pro v1.0.zip.001' only. It will automatically extract the other connected zip files.

3.Now install the 'Quick Landscape Pro v1.0.zip' from the folder just created by extracting the zip files

4.Wait about 1 min and after installation click on enable addon

4.Then add your desire landscape to your scene

5.Then after clicking your landscape you can see all the panels.

Product Documentation(based on v3.0)

Did you know that you can hover on almost any blender sliders, toggles, or drop down items to read their description? We pack a lot of information in our properties description. Taking time to hover in order to gather information is always a good reflex. If you feel that some items need more or better descriptions,contact us.

The Documentation is arranged panel wise for better and quick work.

1.Quick Landscape main panel

1.Type of Landscape

All the landscape are categorized into the following types

2.Landscape Mesh Quality

The quality of landscape depends upon the number of vertices.
  • Very Low - Approx vertices: 4K 
  • Low - Approx vertices: 16K 
  • Medium -  Approx vertices: 64K
  • High - Approx vertices: 256K
  • Very High - Approx vertices: 1024K  
The quality of landscape cannot be change after creating the landscape, but you can change it by decreasing the subdivision in the modifiers panels.

3.Landscape Scale

If enabled it scales the world 2000 times,so the final dimension becomes 2000x2000 m2.
Note: You can only use scatter on the landscape if x2000 is enabled.

4.World Origin 

Sets the landscape origin to the selected point after creating - world origin or cursor

2.Scatter panel

1.Select Tree/Change Tree

Select the tree to be scattered on the landscape. Even after scattering, you can switch between different trees.

2.Slope Factor

Adjusts the distribution of the trees based on the surface(s) slope angle. 

3.Lower/Upper Height Trim

Trims the scattering of the trees from the lower/upper  end


Adjust the overall density of trees on the landscape.

5.Texture Scale

The trees are scattered based on a hybrid noise texture. Increasing this will result in the scaling of the noise texture

6.Tree scale

Adjusts the real scale of the trees scattered on the landscape.

7.Saturation and Brightness

Adjusts the saturation and brightness of the trees scattered on the landscape.

8.Translucency Amount

Adjusts the translucency of the tree.

Trees with no translucency.

Trees with 75% translucency.

9.Deciduous Amount

Adjusts the percentage of trees to be deciduous. 

10.Snow Coverage

Adjusts the amount of snow to be covered on trees

3.Landsacpe Material


Increasing or decreasing the values may result in color variation across the color wheel clockwise or anticlockwise while keeping saturation and brightness constant.


Increasing saturation intensifies colors on landscape, while decreasing saturation results in a more muted appearance

3.Color Brightness

Raising brightness makes the colors lighter, while decreasing brightness results in darker tones

4.Color Intensity

Increasing color intensity enhances the vibrancy of colors, while decreasing intensity results in a more subdued appearance


It is the amount of light that is falling on the surface. Increasing the specular value enhances shiny highlights on the landscape surface.


It is almost similar to inverse roughness. Increasing the wetness value simulates a wet or rainy surface, while decreasing it results in a drier appearance.

5.Normal Strength

Increasing the normal strength enhances surface details, while decreasing it results in a smoother appearance

6.Texture Displacement

It is controlled by bump node. Higher displacement values create more pronounced coarse surface, while lower values result in a smoother surface.

Other documentation to be uploaded soon

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