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  • Vitalii Lepeshev
    4 months ago

    A great addon that is definitely worth its money, with awesome support from the author. Would have liked more pre-made materials, but I'm sure that will come in future updates. Way to go!

    • Boreo

      4 months ago

      Thanks, Vitalii! Certainly, expect more materials with each update. 😉

  • Robert Restu Pambudi
    4 months ago

    amazing works, can I bake multiple objects in single image texture?

    • Boreo

      4 months ago

      Thank you for your great feedback! Currently, the baking feature works on the active object only. To bake multiple objects, you can duplicate them, join into a single object, and then bake. Make sure to bake on a non-overlapping UV map (Matkit can auto-create one). I'll definitely consider adding multi-object baking in the next versions.

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