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How do I install Matkit add-on for my blender software?

Download the zipped file (.zip), then go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > Install. Navigate to where you saved your .zip file, select it and click "Install".

What should I do if I disabled the addon but it didn't fully unregister?

Simply restart Blender.

How do I establish a connection between an effect / decal node and a material node?
  • Identify the Surface, Normal, Height, Displacement, and Alpha outputs (if available) of the material node or the last node in the node tree.
  • Connect these outputs to the corresponding inputs of the effect/decal node group. For example, if the effect/decal node requires a surface input, connect the surface output of the material node to the surface input of the effect/decal node group.
  • Finally, connect the outputs of the effect/decal node group to the material output. This ensures that the effect or decal is properly integrated into the material and contributes to the final appearance of the rendered object.
What does the ✱ icon beside some properties in the node groups mean?

The ✱ symbol indicates that the property is a Boolean property. In this context, a value of 0 represents "False," while a value of 1 represents "True." The ✱ icon serves as a visual cue to identify these Boolean properties within the node groups.

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