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Please contact us via the Blendermarket message system. Look for "Ask a Question" button on the right side of this page.

I installed the addon but I don't know what to do next

To make this work you need to fill the Display ICC path in the addon preferences.

The Display ICC is supposed to be your monitor ICC profile. You should use at least the profile provided by your monitor vendor but the best results are achived by creating your own profile with a monitor calibrator tool. As a Mac user, the least you can do is find and select your default system ICC profile, which is not a standard sRGB profile.

Mac OSX:

Mac HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles - all users can use them, authenticated installers and admin users can add/remove them

Mac HD/Users//Library/ColorSync/Profiles - user profiles

How to find a color profile path in Mac



If you can't find your ICC profile in these default locations, try searching your system for *.icc and *.icm files.

If you choose option to embed profile, the Display ICC profile will be embedded in your image file, so other programs will know that such image was created in your Mac's monitor color space, as opposed to a standard sRGB space.

The Output profile is used to convert from your Display color space to the Output color space, if you choose this option. In this case your monitor ICC will not be embedded into the file but rather colors will be converted to a specified color space to look similar. For example you can use sRGB profile which should be available in your system's color profiles directory or download it elsewhere.

I can't install PIL on Windows

Sometimes installation of PIL and pyexiv2 might fail to move to the next step and finish with an error. In that case restart Blender and click the button again. 2-3 attempts might be required. Running Blender with administrative rights may prevent this.

If your Blender is installed in protected directory (like C:\Program Files) you might need to run Blender as administrator in order to install PIL (Right click on Blender icon -> Run as administrator). Recent versions of this addon should not require administrative rights to install dependencies, though you can try it if it fails.

Troubleshooting for older versions:

If you already tried installing PIL without elevated access, new folders may have been created in your AppData that will block you from installing PIL inside the Blender.

In that case:
  1. Go to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python39 and change the name of the folder Python39 (eg. to Python39x)
    This path can be seen in Blender's console (Window -> Toggle System Console) when you hit the button to install PIL. Python version, Python39 in this example, may change according to Blender version - Python39 matches Blender 2.93.
  2. Run Blender as Administrator and hit the button to install PIL.
  3. Revert the name of Python39 folder (or delete this folder if you are sure that you don't need it)

If you are still unable to install PIL, please contact us so we may guide you through another installation process. On average we reply in less than 48 hours.

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