Styriam Icc Image Compressor

by Styriam sp. z o.o. in Addons

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  1. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Add-on -> Install... and choose the addon zip file.
  2. Find and enable Styriam ICC Image Compressor addon.
  3. Install PIL if installation button is available in the addon preferences. If PIL is already accessible, a checkmark will be visible instead.
    If you are on Windows and your Blender is installed in protected directory (like Program Files) you might need to run Blender as administrator in order to install PIL.
  4. Sometimes installation of PIL and pyexiv2 might fail to move to the next step and finish with an error. In that case restart Blender and click the button again. 2-3 attempts might be required. Running Blender with administrative rights may prevent this.

Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 are required to run this addon.

Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015-2022 are also required to run this addon (from version 1.1.0).


Delete the add-on before installing it again or delete pycache folder inside the add-on. 

When updating addon's dependencies it is advisable to launch Blender with administrative rights. Otherwise PIP may not be able to change names of temporary folders created while updating modules.

Compression and Color Profiles

Image Editor -> Image -> Save As (advanced): dialog to save PNG, TIFF, JPEG2000 and JPEG files. Along standard options, new ones are added:

  • OptiPNG/mozJPEG Compression (uses Blender's quality/compression slider); Windows only
  • Embed ICC Profile - attached profile can be selected in Output Properties or in User Preferences
  • Convert to Output Color Space: requires both profiles

Output Properties -> Compression for PNG/JPG: Enable to turn on compression for Save (w/ Display Color Profile) (Image Editor -> Image) and during animation rendering; Windows only.

Viewport -> Object -> Compress Textures allows to compress all textures of a selected object. Only JPEG and PNG are supported; Windows only.

Available Options:

  • Compress JPEGs and JPEG Quality
  • Compress PNGs and PNG Compression - skipped when Convert PNG to JPEG is enabled
  • Convert PNG to JPEG - replace PNG files with optimized JPEGs
  • Remove PNG files - active only when Convert PNG to JPEG is enabled

Version 1.0.3 and below: Warning: ICC profiles will be lost during compression.

Compression characteristics

Compression in Blender: <0; 100>  ->  OptiPNG <-o0; -o7>

Quality in Blender: <0; 100>  ->  mozJPEG Quality: <50; 95>

Color Profiles

Output Properties -> Output -> ICC in Animation Frames (PNG/JPEG): Paths to color profiles can be set in this panel. Enable to use choosen mode in animation frames rendering. GIF export always renders new frames using 'Convert' mode but does not convert existing frames.

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