Grass Set 1

by Slawek in Models

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  • Andreas 10 months ago

    Had some free grass bevor this and this looks so much better and it renders much faster now.

  • VinnyMac over 1 year ago

    Normally I don't review stuff, however for this I had to. This grass set is perhaps the most realistic I have ever worked with. The way real field grass is. Some spots green, some green, some brown. the render times were decent. Being new to Blender it would be nice to have had a small video explaining how to apply to custom terrains. But for the price, this set in my opinion can't be beat. It even has great detail in closeups as well. Maybe next time there could be some weeds to mix in to make it ULTRA realistic.

  • Marcin Mądry almost 2 years ago

    The grass looks very realistically. Very well optimized, takes up little
    memory and renders quickly. Very useful on large areas. I would recommend.

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