Grass Set 1

by Slawek in Models

A simple particle system that creates grass spaces from 21 grass models and a procedural material composed of one texture.

The material comes with a few parameters that you control the intensity of faded grass:

scale - the higher the value, the smaller the spaces between faded grass,
offset - the higher the value the larger the spaces of faded grass,
cleaner - gives a more vivid green color of grass,
mix - changes the effect of the color of faded grass,

By operating the mix / cleaner parameters you can get a uniform color of grass.

The kit includes a second set of grasses
see at (

Examples of parameter operation:

In addition, you can download a file with a different setting (grass1set2.blend):

- differences between grasses are smaller
- the color is less diverse
(please set the number of particles to 1200000):

Examples of renderings below:

* 21 Grass models contain from 1.6k to 42.5k verts.
* Rendering represents a scene with 1200000 particles on area of 400m².