Grass Set 1

by Slawek in Models

The method uses a procedural map for scale and grass density.

density - the negative value dilutes the large grass and the positive value dilutes the small grass. The parameter causes that all particles are not counted, for this the specified amount of particles is reduced during rendering.

size - the higher the value, the greater the difference between individual clumps of grass. If you want to have grass of equal height, set this value to zero.

the suggested density of particles is 2000 - 4000 per 1 m2. If you want to get information about the surface of the object you will find in the Print3D / Area / Output addon.

Examples below for an area of 100m2 (400 000/300 000/200 000 particles)

Example of setting with a small difference between grass clumps (50 000/100 000/150 000).


A new version is available for download.

- adding new parameters to the material,
- change of the grass group name: Grass v1 group,
- change of the name particli: Grass v1 particles,
- changing the name of the setting particles: Grass v1 particles,
- change of type on hair.