Drag & Drop Import

by Andrej Tetkic in Addons

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This item has an average rating of 4 from 36 ratings by the community.

  • Branden Litzkow
    over 1 year ago

    Such a great addon, excited to see more file types added in the future.

  • Greg
    over 1 year ago

    Congrats! What a fantastic gain in productivity. Thank you so much.

  • polygoniq
    over 1 year ago

    We're just trying to counterbalance the rating from Kuba which is rather contradicting itself:)

    • Andrej Tetkic

      over 1 year ago

      Thank you so much!

  • Kuba
    over 1 year ago

    How is this not a default feature? Thank you! What a game changer!

    • Andrej Tetkic

      over 1 year ago

      Hi Kuba! Is there a reason for 3* rating? I would like to hear and solve any problems you may have had.

  • tekgecko
    over 1 year ago

    I have been wanting this for so long! Thank you!

  • Wolfgang Meusch
    over 1 year ago

    Absolutely useful. Thank you a lot!!!!!!!

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Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.93
License GPL
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