X-Muscle System 4.0

by k44dev Software in Addons

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  • John
    about 2 months ago

    To give kind of good muscles it can be done with this plugin very quickly after it is know the basics of what this plugin has. This will not magically gives super realistic muscles. It can make super realistic muscles, but to do that you need to know muscle anatomy plus spend a lot of time setting it up. See youtube videos by nathan LaVictoire and his 10 video course. After spending substantial time using this plugin I can say it has had a lot of love put into it and he still works on it. Be ready to spend a lot of time using it and watching youtube to get great results though.

    • Albert Makac

      about 1 month ago

      Thank you very much, John! I will be continuing the work on the user experience improvements. The goal of the add-on is to develop multiple different workflow styles in making most possibly realistic muscle system simulations and using it with any rigging and character systems you want.

  • Nathan LaVictoire
    2 months ago

    I have always loved the muscle simulations I saw in programs like Weta Digital and Ziva Dynamics. So being able to have a tool like that available in Blender has been awesome! I think adding muscle simulation into your projects brings it to an entirely new level of fidelity.

    • Albert Makac

      2 months ago

      Thank you, Nathan!

  • Patrik Sabin
    3 months ago

    Works like charm, once you get hang of it. Super useful, especially compared to Blenders stock softbody simulations or doing corrective shapekeys manually. The simulations results are quite impressive, once it's dialed in correctly. The workflow itself is quite quick, especially on symmetric models. I hope we see more of it, I'm all in for getting more realistic models the easier way. The support is excellent, but the documentation could be a bit more detailed on the process and traps one might run into.

    • Albert Makac

      3 months ago

      Thank you, Patrik!

  • Robin-Marcel Hanne
    12 months ago

    It's a solid addon from my testing but I must say the images on the skeletons are somewhat misleading.
    I was hoping the anatomy bundle would come with muscles already applied to the skeleton rigs so that learning how to best combine muscles and place them would be a little bit easier.
    Hence only 4 out of 5!

    • Albert Makac

      about 2 months ago

      Hello and thank you for the review! Somehow I find your review a little bit unfair and misleading. You never buy a car with a driver, and the true size donut differs from the one on the billboard but this is how they are advertised. And you will always find someone exploiting these. It's explicitly said that the add-on is a universal dynamic muscle generator for characters and creatures vfx and not anatomy atlas. The images are showing some of results achieved with the X-Muscle System and I don't see anything misleading in presenting how the add-on works. Meanwhile we are working on more demonstrations, video tutorials, documentation and examples to privide better understanding for the user's what the add-on is, how to use it effectively, and what features and options it has in offer. Thank you!

  • Poisenbery
    over 1 year ago

    The negative reviews are posted by people who
    1.) Cannot read
    2.) Can only learn from "Video Tutorials"

    There is very clear documentation that tells you exactly how to use this addon, along with all of the features and some caveats. If you are illiterate, I suggest staying away from this, because it does require reading the instructions before using.

    I'm honestly surprised and shocked that people are leaving negative reviews on a rather advanced plugin, purely because of the fact that they refuse to read the provided resources.

    • Albert Makac

      over 1 year ago

      Thank you! :)) Enjoy your time with the add-on

  • Raul Vicente
    about 2 years ago

    One of my best addons. Impressive support from the developer. Awesome performance...
    What more could you want?

    • Albert Makac

      about 2 years ago

      Thank you so much, Raul! Thank you for all the ideas and support! That means a lot!

  • Andras
    over 2 years ago

    The addon is great, also the support from the developer. I would also appreciate some more tutorials, also perhaps showcase user created content.

    • Albert Makac

      about 2 years ago

      Thank you, Andras!

  • WingedAngel
    over 2 years ago

    I agree with the review below me, the add-on itself is amazing but there is no real comprehensive tutorials in recent time. The last thing that could be considered a tutorial was posted two years ago and the add-on has been updated extensively. I will also update my rating if a tutorial comes out.

  • Brandonn
    over 2 years ago

    This addon itself has a real potential, but there is a serious lack of tutorial available (almost none tbh). devs could sell 10 times more if they just added a simple 10min video to show you how to install the addon create a test mesh, two bone and two muscle from scratch, and just briefly explain what option is for what, done. il would save people time by a factor of 100 and give real value to this addon. (or maybe someone in the community wiliing to do it?)
    anywhays, i will update my rating with 5 stars when someone will make a real tutorial on this.

  • dune78
    almost 3 years ago


    • Albert Makac

      2 months ago


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