World Generator - Procedural Landscapes (Blender 3.6 - 4.0)

by Thibault in Addons

Is World Generator 1.00 compatible with the latest Blender version?

World Generator 1.00 is not yet compatible with Blender 4.0 and above. However, we are actively working on making it compatible with the latest Blender version, and updates will be released to address this compatibility soon.

Is World Generator 1.00 compatible with Eevee ?

Eevee currently evaluates all nodes within a shader every time a frame is updated in the 3D Viewport. Given the intricacies of World Generator's shaders, this can result in some performance slowdowns in Eevee, especially when navigating through the 3D Viewport.

One solution for using World Generator with Eevee could involve the following steps:

1/Set the render engine to Cycles.

2/Adjust the material, apply the modifier, and unwrap the UVs.

3/Bake the textures and replace the procedural shader with the baked material.

4/Switch back to Eevee.

These steps can help optimize the performance and compatibility when using World Generator with Eevee.

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