World Generator - Procedural Landscapes (Blender 3.6 - 4.0)

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World Generator Documentation

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World Gen is an addon the first thing is to install it. 

Download the file "World_Generator_1.00"

Open Blender, go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > Install…


Don’t forget to enable the add-on.

How to use

After installing it, you'll be able to see the add-on by accessing the « N-Panel ». World Gen is only accessible in object mode. He has three different panels :

World Generator 1.00, Landscapes settings, Infos :  

World Generator 1.00

In this tab you will find the different types of Landscape offered by the add-on.

Start by selecting an object, (be careful, the addon will replace all the modifiers of the object, so use a basic mesh like a plane or a cube) open the N Panel, choose the landscape you want and click on the “Add Landscape” button


Landscapes settings

The parameters in this panel will only be visible when a Landscape object is active, and these parameters will vary depending on the type of landscape you choose. Most of the time, you will be able to see these settings. 

-Base Mesh Settings : 

This panel is used to manage the default grid settings. You can also choose to use your custom mesh by clicking on 'Use my Geometry.' In this case, this section will be hidden.

-Global Transformation :

This panel allows you to manage the global scale and rotation of the landscape

-Subdivision Settings :

This section allows you to control the number of subdivisions in both the viewport and during rendering. Please be cautious, as when using the default grid, the number of subdivisions is tied to the number of vertices you have in your grid. Having too many vertices and subdivisions can result in lag on your PC, so exercise caution.

-Displacement :

This section enables you to control the maximum height of the displacement and the midlevel. You also have the option to apply the displacement to the vector.

-Texture Coordinate : 

This feature enables you to manipulate the texture along the three XYZ axes, providing you with limitless landscape possibilities.

-Texture Settings :

This panel enables you to modify the texture settings used for generating the landscape.

-Fallout : 

Flatten the landscape's edges

-Waterplane :

This panel allows you to add a body of water that you can modify independently of the landscape. You can align the water's rotation with the camera to keep the horizon always horizontal.

-Camera Culling :

Remove geometry that is not visible to the camera.


This panel provides links to Tutorial and documentation

Landscapes Material : 

Each landscape has its own material, which you can modify in the shader editors. Some of the materials use groups divided into shaders to create procedural materials, or masks to blend the shaders together.

Limitations :

This addon is not yet compatible with Blender 4.0 and above

This addon still in development, not all features are fully implemented yet !

You can't use an object with modifiers ; adding a landscape will delete all modifiers, no modifiers can be added before the landscape generator otherwise certain settings will malfunction.

This addon is optimized for blender 3.6, but it also works for blender 3,5 and 3,4

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