Webcrafter: 3D Website Builder

by Edmund Dao in Addons

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  • kiki11
    8 months ago

    Bereitstellung auf eigenem Host funktioniert nicht. Schade.

    • Edmund Dao

      8 months ago

      Hello kiki - I'm so sorry you ran into a deployment issue also. I don't speak German but I'd love to offer you support and a refund as well. I'd also hate for your work to not get deployed so perhaps you can try a classic Github token instead of the fine grained token. Github just introduced a bug and I've just found the fix which will be in the next version of WebCrafter. Again, I'm very sorry for your trouble. Please don't hesitate to reach out for support and thank you for the review!

      (google translate)
      Hallo Kiki, es tut mir so leid, dass auch bei dir ein Bereitstellungsproblem aufgetreten ist. Ich spreche kein Deutsch, würde Ihnen aber auch gerne Unterstützung und eine Rückerstattung anbieten. Ich würde es auch bedauern, wenn Ihre Arbeit nicht bereitgestellt würde, also können Sie vielleicht einen klassischen Github-Token anstelle des feinkörnigen Tokens ausprobieren. Github hat gerade einen Fehler eingeführt und ich habe gerade die Lösung gefunden. Nochmals, es tut mir sehr leid und bitte zögern Sie nicht, den Support zu kontaktieren, aber vielen Dank für die Bewertung!

  • Yamam Suliman
    8 months ago

    lots of bugs.. but hey .. i'm not expecting too much .. followed the tutorials on yt ..
    you need to stop and start server more than a few times for it to update your changes and edits .. i wish cameras can be parented to my paths , i'd also loved if there was a snap option between cameras .. so i don't have to scroll my way to eternity, and it'd also look much better to the website visitor .. deploy doesn't work, maybe it's a github thing, i'm not a programmer .. can't wait for updates, this thing has a lot of potential ..

    • Edmund Dao

      8 months ago

      Hi Yaman, I'm so sorry you had a poor experience with WebCrafter so far. That's very strange to hear! I've deployed many sites so I'll investigate that. I've been able to support other customers and fix their issues so please feel free to contact me at any time. In the past few days I've noticed Github has introduced a bug to their tokens, so it may be related - I'd hate for your work to not get deployed so trying a classic token instead of the fine grained token may help. Also, I'd love to offer you a refund for the poor experience. I'm very sorry but thank you for the review and please don't hesitate to reach out!

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