Vertex Group Utils

by Blenderboi in Addons

Quick and Easy way to create Vertex Group

Add Selected Vertex to Vertex Group in just a few clicks.


You can also add (or reassign weight) or remove vertex from vertex group. 

If you prefer to "Reassign Vertex Group", you can do that as well. this way, the vertex group is emptied and assign the selected vertex. 

Hide/Unhide and Select/Deselect

You can use this add-on to hide, unhide, select or deselect mesh without changing the active vertex group. This means, you can unhide specific mesh as you like without unhide all. 

It is also possible to hide and unhide mesh in object mode, the way it works is by adding a mask modifier with the specific vertex group assigned. 

Join Mesh as Vertex Group

You can join mesh as Vertex Group, the joined vertex group will be using the object's name

Loose Mesh to Vertex Group

You can Create Vertex group from loose mesh. 

Remove Empty Group

You can remove all empty group in just one click. 

Separate and Separate All

You can Separate part of the mesh with vertex group, the separated object will be using the vertex group name.

Separate all will separate all vertex group in one click 

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