Vertex Group Utils

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Vertex Group Utils

Source Code is Available For Free at:

IMPORTANT!: This Addon Does not work very well with High Vertex Count Model

Vertex Group Utils is an add-on that adds utility to blender's vertex group. It adds many feature that turn vertex group into a tool for you to use in modelling process. This add-on can help you manage your meshes in edit mode by letting you to hide and unhide mesh base using vertex group.

This add-on is located in the side panel, so you don't have to go to properties to work on your vertex group. 


- Create Vertex Group Quickly with less click
- Solo, Hide / Unhide, Select / Deselect Part of mesh using Vertex Group
- Join Objects as Vertex Groups
- Separate Vertex Group into Objects
- Material to Vertex Group
- Set Origin to Vertex Group
- Merge Vertex Group

Other Features:

-Pie Menu

-Separate Vertex Group to new object

-Solo or Hide / Unhide part of mesh in Object mode (Using Mask Modifier)

-Remove Empty Group

-Remove Zero Weight from all Groups

-Find and Replace Vertex Group Names

-Reassign Vertex Group

-Unassign Zero Weight

-Unassign All Vertex from Group

-Unassign Vertex from all Vertex Groups

-Merge Multiple Vertex Groups

-Vertex Color From Vertex Group

-Random Vertex Colors From All Vertex Groups

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Version 2.5.2


Update UI

Add "Lock All But This"

Fix Clear Empty Group Bugs


Version 2.3.3


Add Unhide All Button

Version 2.3.1


Fixes some Minor Error

Version 2.3.0 (Blender 3.0X)


Compatibility Update to Blender 3.0

Added Merge Multiple Vertex Groups

Added Vertex Color From Vertex Group

Added Random Vertex Colors From All Vertex Groups

Version 2.2.4


Fixed Error when try to open Panel from Pie

You can now select properly in face mode

Version 2.0.1 (Blender 2.8X & Blender 2.9X)


Added Support for Blender 2.90 and Above.

(Vertex Group Utils 2.0 have an error in Blender 2.90 where an error will appear when trying to merge vertex group, it have been fixed in Vertex Group Utils 2.0.1 )

Version 2.0 (Blender 2.8X)


-Added Select Unlocked and Deselect Unlocked

-Added Bone from Vertex Group

-Added Bone from Loose Mesh

Version 1.9


-Fixed Material Remove when try to separate

-Separate All will remove the master object if there are no vertex left 

-Separated Object will move to the same collection as the master object

Version 1.8


-Added Set Origin to Vertex Group

-Added Material to Vertex Group

-Added Option to Hide Icons from the Vertex Group List

-Added Show Weight Button

-Added Remove Zero Weights from Groups

-Added Create Vertex Group from on Side (Origin as center)

-Utility Function Moved into Subpanel

-You Can now change your shortcut for Pie Menu in the Preferences

-Remastered UI

-You can Filter Vertex Group

-Reworked Pie Menu

-Vertex Group Utils 1.8 is rewritten and is made into a zip instead of a py file

-Shortcut Key for Pie Menu changed to shift-alt-v

-You can change the shortcut key in the preferences

Version 1.7


-Added Solo Group

Version 1.6


-Added Merge Vertex Group

-Added Find and Replace Vertex Group Name

-Hide Vertex Group for Object mode also work for both viewport and render now. 

-Added Pie Menu (Shortcut Ctrl Shift G)

Version 1.4: 

24/5/2020 Vertex Group Utils: Released!


If you want to suggest an improvement or report a problem, lets discuss it in Discord Channel

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