Uyir - Character Model For Film (With Rig)

by thilakanathanstudios in Models

Uyir, the full character rig for films!

This is a character that was part of my recent animated short film "Uyir". Now that the film is over, I am offering his services to you! The character itself was the result of 3 months of work, including all the modeling, sculpting, rigging, texturing and so on. You can skip all this and use him straight away for your own film or other 3D-related projects. This will be perfect for semi-cartoony, semi-realistic style projects.

Main features:

This rig contains some pretty cool features that you can use straight away:

  • High quality elderly man character with semi-realistic skin, eyes and wrinkles
  • Looks great with close up shots and with different lighting setups!
  • Good-looking and believable facial expressions
  • Contains jacket, shirt, pants, belt and shoes
  • Contains hair, beard and moustache (which can be removed optionally)
  • Character rig built on Rigify with additional custom built facial rig
  • IK/FK controls for arms and legs
  • IK/FK snapping
  • Stretching legs and arms
  • Relatively light and affordable
  • Importing is a breeze! In your new .blend file, you just have to Append or Link the character group only.
  • Bonus walking stick and reading glasses included!

Based on the feedback I get for this, I will be happy to continue making more higher quality characters (or even sets of characters)!