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Ultimate city addon lets you create realistic cities in minutes .With our extended assest library creating a scene will be lot easier for you.

Why UCA?

Creating a city scene will cost you lot of hours in modelling assets and you may have to buy assests at high cost for photorealistic renders. But with UCA you can create photorealistic scenes without spending lot of your worthy time and money.

Features in one word = Godspeed !!!


  • 250+ assests ready to use.
  • Procedural building generator.
  • Computer friendly assests that could save lot of memory.
  • Compatible with evee and cycles.
  • Realistic buildings that are made from 2D images and with separate glass aand emission shader.
  • Easy hdri lightning.
  • Add pbr material to any objects in just-2-clicks.
  • Realistic roads and vegetation.
  • Ready for both day and night cycles.
  • Create landscapes in minutes.
  • Meshes can be edited easily.
  • You can add custom assests to library and easily manage them.
  • Game engine ready !!!

What is included?

  • 32 Buildings (urban buildings, skyscrapers shops).
  • Procedural buildings
  • 16 Modular road set (wet roads and normal roads).
  • 32 street props.
  • 46 traffic signs.
  • Vegetation (Trees, rocks, flowers, ferns, hedge)
  • 45+ pbr materials.
  • 30+ HDRI

Lowpoly buildings :

Each building polycount is between (9-20k).

Two variation :

Available in-2-variation: whole building (lod0),facade (lod1). Choose your building accordingly to reduce the number of polygons.

Add emission to buildings :

Buildings are with separate glass and emission shader. so you can add and control over the emission in any of the buildings.

                              control emssion strength.

                                        Easy emission control.

Compatible with evee and cycles :


Photorealistic roads :

Wet roads adds photo realism to any scene. With the modular road set  you can construct roads according to your scene.

(Also includes normal-modular road set)

Street props :

                                                  30+street props

                    Append any of the street props in just-2-clicks.

Traffic signs :

                                      Over 45 + signs ready to use.

Vegetation :

                     Includes: Trees,grass,rocks,flowers,ferns,hedge.

                        Lowpoly Trees ranging from 5-6k polygons.

Procedural building generator :

This geometry nodes is compatible with Blender 3.0 - 3.1.2.with this cool new feature you will be able to generate buildings procedurally at your desired dimensions . You can add roof-top assests to your building to get more realism. A clean-interactive UI which allows you to modify and control many parameters of the building. Check out the video below:

Pbr materials :

45 + pbr materials that you can add to any of the objects in just-2-clicks.

Quick landscapes:

Easily create landscapes with displacement map that are included in the pbr material. Turtorial


                  30+ HDRI to add realistic lightning over your scene.



  • Thanks to Dawid Huczyński for allowing us to use simple asset manager (cc:3.0) as an asset importer for our model library. The assest importer is an modified version of simple assest manager. Without him the making of this addon will be harder. We always support him. If you like to support him you can do it through.
  • Contains textures from polyhaven.
  • Trees are modelled with TREE IT.
  • Textured using substance painter and b3d.
    *All the assests are modelled with blender and textures are from polyhaven which are under creative common attribution. so you can use the assests commercially.
  • More about license .

Buy now and get all the future updates for free!!!

changelog v.1.1

  • Procedural building generator , minor bug fixes.
changelog v.1.0
  • Intial release.

Also available in Gumroad

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Blender Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
License Creative Commons
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