True-Terrain 3.0

by Richard Traynor in Models

True Terrain 3.0 is here!

True Terrain is an addon attempting to be a one-stop-shop for all Terrain creation inside of Blender. The image above was created using ONLY True-Terrain, that's right, all the materials, Trees, and Rocks all from one addon!

Who is this for?

Everyone and anyone who has the need for fast terrain creation: Concept artists, short filmmakers, hobbyists; anyone who needs hyper-realistic terrains at the touch of a button!

If you're sick of buying addon after addon, or asset after asset, appending files into new scenes each time you need them, then this addon is for you!

Do you need to create some realistic product renders?...

True-Terrain gives you, the user, the ultimate level of control, with a fully bespoke UI which will take you from creating terrain meshes, all the way from adding your terrain to final render!

Why this over other products? 

True Terrain is THE ONLY product on the marketplace that offers terrain creation, shading, foliage systems, tree systems, rock systems and water creation all in one place!

True terrain is literally the one-stop-shop for creating a whole environment all under one product...

This means True terrain gives you, the user, all the control, and assets you need for creating wonderfully beautiful environment systems, meaning you don't need 5 different addons which can cost a fair penny, it also means you don't need to go any buy individual assets, which again can cost upward of 100s of dollars. You get it all in one place for $55 USD.

What exactly does your money get you?

  • 28 PBR ground materials
  • 26 PBR Rock materials
  • Material mixing based on geometry
  • Dust creation
  • Snow creation
  • 8 Rock systems, comprising of 20+ models
  • 4 Tree particle systems
  • 8 Grass particle systems
  • Water creation, using a single plane and a procedural water shader
  • A 3 tab UI
    • Shader tab for creating your perfect terrain shader and adding adaptive subdivision
    • Particle tab for adding and managing your particle systems
    • Water tab for adding and perfecting a procedural water object


  1. Add new material blending options
  2. add an anti-tile feature
  3. add more materials
  4. create a new Terrain generation tool *possibly*