True-Terrain 4.X

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  • Mick Mulligan
    4 months ago

    Was OK at first but I've found it more trouble than it's worth as I've learned to use Blender better. Importing assets is cumbersome and the shader system is too restrictive. I kept finding myself digging into the shader editor to adjust things when the interface wouldn't allow it, and in the end it was easier just to create my own terrain shaders from scratch. Geo-Scatter is proving far more useful and intuitive for scattering.

  • Erin
    6 months ago

    True Terrain is *awesome*. The set of materials and assets that come with this addon are great. The tools are extremely useful. And, to top it all off, the team is *extremely* responsive and helpful on discord. Their upcoming new version will be awesome when it comes out, too!

  • John Montgomery
    6 months ago

    Wowser! This is the real deal. Flexible and powerful. Love, love, love this approach to terrains. Better system performance than I had with Vue, and the scattering flow allows you to get the job done exactly how you want it done. Highly recommended.

  • Marco Renna
    7 months ago

    I've worked in film over a decade and have seen the gradual migration from flying crews around the world to virtual stages with massive volumetric set ups. The need for photo-realistic terrains and landscapes that can mimic a place on the map has generally been supported by tools like Houdini, Maya and Unreal.
    What True-VFX has created here, and their ecosystem of integrated add-ons, gives Blender users the opportunity to match the tools the big studios work with. Indies and solo artists now have a toolset to create any terrain they can dream up at a quality that measures up to the studios.
    I appreciate the quick look development True-Terrain facilitates and the ability to go back to adjust the terrains at a granular level. The included assets in scatters, materials, heightmaps and so on let's me quickly etch out an idea and pairing this tool with Nodescapes further extends the fine tuning which measures up to results I've gotten in tools like Houdini.

    I can't say enough about what a small team of indie developers has been able to create for the Blender community as a whole. Lastly, it's refreshing to be able to speak directly to the team, offer suggestions and see those come to the next release or update. (Try that with the other big devs)

    Great work here ... happy to make True-VFX tools a constant in my workflow and really excited for what the future releases will bring and what True-VFX will bring to the Blender community!

  • Roger Harris
    8 months ago

    The addon itself is great. Good for creating many varied landscapes.

  • Bryan Green
    10 months ago

    An OK start...

  • thegreattank
    11 months ago

    I was skeptical about buying this addon but finally decided to buy the ultimate version. This is one of the best addon on the market I ever purchased. Right out the box I can create realistic terrains, I just wish that the tutorials on how to use the addon properly were up to date, as of now they're kind of out dated.

    Other than that True Terrain is awesome ! Can't wait for more updates !

  • Clemens
    about 1 year ago

    I also have other addon's from this developer. The addons from True-VFX all work very reliably and are extensive in their functions. But I would also like to highlight the good documentation and tutorials for smooth operation, as well as the ongoing updates of versions. Especially the latter ensures planning reliability and sustainability. I hope it stays that way.

  • frank
    about 1 year ago

    not working in 3.4

    • True-VFX

      about 1 year ago

      Would you like to get in contact with us for support rather than leave a review on a tool you've not allowed us to help with any issue you're having?

  • Normen Hesse
    over 1 year ago

    So useful. Thank you very much!

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