Tracegenius Pro 2.1 - Advanced 2D Image To 3D Tracer

by Russel Studios in Addons

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  • gary barringer
    17 days ago

    Fantastic time saving addon. Great support. Saves a lot of time in a day.j
    Thank you

    • Seth Russel

      16 days ago

      Thank you very much for your wonderful review, Gary. I really appreciate

  • Adorabus
    17 days ago

    Works great! At first I thought it saves a few clicks, but then I saw the comparison to the default SVG importer. Much better geometry. :)

    • Seth Russel

      16 days ago

      Wow! Fantastic review. Tracegenius really extends far beyond saving time and clicks. You get a cleaner geometry as well as all you need to customize the traced object. Thank you very much, Adorabus. Happy Tracing.

  • Joji Nomura
    18 days ago

    Product delivers on its goal. Very good support from the developer. Added new features and fixed bugs quickly. Highly recommended.

    • Seth Russel

      17 days ago

      Wow! Thanks a lot, Joji.
      Good to know that Tracegenius Pro delivers on its goal. We are committed to fixing bugs and making the best addon for the image tracing.
      Happy Tracing, Nomura

  • Tony Grant
    19 days ago

    Great product, but new update won't even work or show up on Blender (4.1) Hopefully this will be fixed soon because this is a tool I used daily.

    • Seth Russel

      17 days ago

      Issue FIXED/Resolved.
      TraceGenius Pro 2.1 is now compatible with Blender versions 2.91 and above, including the recent 4.1.
      Note: When installing, firstly extract the downloaded zip file into a folder. The actual installation file is located inside that file. (Watch installation guide:

      Thank you very much for your honest review.

  • Araa
    27 days ago

    Great utility. Simple in use with a lot of potential. One issue for improvement though. Trace only islands. When the shape extends into border, the algorithm ignores it, at least in my case. cheers!

  • Muftah
    about 1 month ago

    Load a svg format make it mesh , topology is not good at all try and try never works , try again with png Trace image in adobe illustrator edit the image in photoshop and upload in blender try to convert it to mesh, isn't not working if it does, topology isn't good at all. But
    Now ! All the steps that I mentioned and did not mention.
    TraceGenius pro
    Click a button and few clicks to see a genius
    a result .
    Thank you so much for this amazing, genius addon..
    10 stars 5 not enough.

  • Greg Miles
    2 months ago

    It works pretty much right out of the box, extremely helpful as we don't need an Adobe Illustrator license just to do this.

  • Kimael Larive
    3 months ago

    Incredibly useful addon with superb results, it saves me so much time.

  • john
    3 months ago

    This add on is just amazing. It works so easily and is exactly what i have been needing. This will save me so much time in my process! thank you!

    • Seth Russel

      17 days ago

      Thank you very much, John!
      We are really happy to know how amazing TraceGenius has been for you. We've recently updated the addon, adding new features and fixes to make your work more easier.
      Happy Tracing!

  • Michal Franczak
    3 months ago

    Works as intended and it is very easy to use, I created a restaurant logo in seconds, using a single JPG image. I highly recommend this addon!

    • Seth Russel

      17 days ago

      Thank you very much for your superb review!
      If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please reach out to us. We are committed to making your work easier.
      Thank you once again, Michal.

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