The Infinite Surface Builder Procedural Shader For Cycles

by Nick Sayce Designs in Surfacing

Will there be updates and will they be free?

Updates will come as and when any updates appear for the nodes used to build this in Blender or if there's a common consensus that a feature is needed. If they improve, especially the brick texture, I will incorporate it and make it available for anyone who has previously purchased the ISB at no extra cost of course; all updates will be free. 

It looks complicated, how likely is it to stop working?

Incredibly unlikely, assuming you don't start cutting any wires! There's a troubleshooting section at the end of the manual that you can always refer to. In the main Blender file in the download, there's two planes, one with the original default material and one to be edited. This means you'll always have the original untouched with its default settings.

What do I get in the download?

You'll get two Blender files, one labelled 'NS The Infinite Surface Builder v2.0 MASTER.blend' and one labelled 'NS The Infinite Surface Builder Examples'. (This will be available very soon) The first contains the original shader and a copy for editing and the latter will contain preset examples. The manual pdf will also be in the download.

Will the ISB work in Eevee?

Only after you've baked all of your maps and created a new object. Trying to use the ISB in Eevee will crash Blender as the shaders are far too complex for Eevee. You need to create your shape first in Cycles, then bake everything, remove any object that uses the ISB and then you can switch to Eevee. This video covers the process;

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