Tessellations 28 V 3.0

by Jayesh Sarvaiya in Modifier Setups

What is the Version history / Change logs ?

Here you go,

Tessellations 28 - V 3.0 (March 2024)

1. Ability to create curved tessellations fences

2. Bend / deform the tessellations mesh along any curve

3. Now all mesh will be 90 degrees inclined to X axis by default (Still user can change it)

4. H-bar length and V-bar length control parameters removed

6. Separate H-bar enable and V-bar Enable controls

7. Solved Defect (D001) : Masking feature was not working properly for Tessellations 18 to 22

8. New materials added: Metals, scratch Metals, Glass, Glossy, Woods, Stones, Concrete, 

   marble, Rough Plastic = total 70 materials.

9. Tessellations 28 Switch node now available for all 3 versions

Tessellations 28 - V 2.1 (February 2024, 2nd half)

      1. Extrude (scale in Z direction) for meshes.

        2. Different shapes of mask apart from rectangle (like circle, triangle, polygon, star etc.)

           and control parameters like side length, thickness etc.

        3. Now, frame bars are separate from base window bars in center.

        4. Control thickness of mask.

        5. New martials added now we have: Metals, scratch Metals, Glass, Woods, Stones, Concrete, Marble = total 50 materials.

Tessellations 28 - V 2.0 (February 2024)

        1. Ability to make window and window grills, control over frame dimensions, position, support bars, thickness.

2. Rotate mesh in X,Y and apart from Z axis.

3. Offset mesh in X,Y and Z direction.

4. Enable/disable tessellations: User can create only window frame or only tessellations or both

5. Clubbed properties into different panels as per the items. (Node groups has panels now)

5. Tessellations Icons: now color coded for better separability.

Tessellations 28 - V 1.0 (January 2024)

1. Generate 28 types of Heesch tessellation patterns (meshes symmetry).

2. Control the shape with parameters in modifier (geometry node groups) side panel under properties panel.

3. Select any one tessellation from 28 groups using 'Tessellation Switch' Geometry node modifier.

            use group nodes to control the shape.

        4. 30 materials to apply on objects.

What is the content of the release?

Release ‘Tessellations 28’ contains, .blend file, .zip file, User manual about installing the asset and detailed description of ‘how to use’, a version file – describes feature changes / upgrades made for every version (a change log). 

How do I contact you for queries and concerns?

Please mail me in the in-box, will try my level best to reply as soon as possible and guide you and solve the query. I would also highly appreciate if you may post concerns in inbox rather than in common comment / rating section. Thank you.

Is this Product going to upgrade ?

The Product will keep on upgrading and enhancements / new features made will be uploaded.

Is there video for this product on how to install and use?

Yes, click here 

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Published 5 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License GPL
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