Svg Import Utility

by Jon McBride in Scripts and Addons

Will this work with Blender 2.8?

Unfortunately, no. 2.8 no longer has the menu bar this plugin uses so I will need to create an updated version when I have time.

I've downloaded the .py file. How do I add it to Blender?

To install the addon, move the file into your Blender addons folder this is usually found in "Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons"

I would like to scale my svg to fit specific dimensions. Is this possible?

This is not currently setup but plans for adding this tool are in the works. In the mean time you can add a plane at 0,0,0 to the size you want your svg and visually scale it to fit. 

Why are text elements from my svg not importing?

Only path information is imported into Blender from an svg so any text in an svg will need to be converted into a path object before importing it.