Svg Import Utility

by Jon McBride in Scripts and Addons

If you've ever tried importing an svg into Blender, you know how difficult it is to work with. SVG Import Utility is designed to simplify the frustrating process of importing a scalable vector graphic into Blender. It offers a tool panel to easily Scale, Move, Center, and apply the extrude and bevel curve modifiers to all of the objects in your svg at once. 

Contrary to what the name implies, Scalable Vector Graphics are surprisingly tricky to scale with in Blender. With Blenders default svg importer the graphic typically imports on a microscopic scale with the origin point off to the side so scaling it up sends your image off the screen. Once you finally get this all sorted out and scale up your graphic, the extrude or bevel modifier are hypersensitive to any micro adjustments. The svg import utility solves all of these challenges by centering the svg and utilizing a custom scaling tool that applies the scale properly for curve objects so that the curve modifiers behave properly. 

Please note that this tool is built using Blenders existing svg importer so many of the limitations existing with that importer are not solved by this tool. This includes but may not be limited to line weights, text elements, and raster images.