Sp2Blend: Substance Painter Shader

by BlenderBrit in Addons

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  • takesi noborikawa
    about 3 years ago

    This was a useful node in the past, but it is not needed in blender today.

  • Vaughn
    over 4 years ago

    There is no instruction on how to import the shader on to your own personal file just a blend file.

  • papasmurf7777
    almost 5 years ago

    Amazing shader!

  • sammetal92
    over 5 years ago

    This is great! First time I used it, I compared to the regular way of importing all of the textures and maps into cycles' nodes and plug them into Principled BSDF, and another material with SP2Blend. Immediately saw the difference, but it was a bit subtle, but then I opened up the node (gotta admit it was very daunting the first time) and got a better idea of how the nodes and inputs were working together, then I changed parameters here and there, adjusted some maps, and immediately started getting MUCH better results with a lot more flexibility due to the parameters in SP2Blend. Very much worth it, the price is just right!

  • rozz
    about 7 years ago

    What a wonderfull node group, this makes texturing fun... ;)

  • Forunderlig Arkitektur AS
    about 7 years ago

    Works well, could have a little more by the way of documentation, but works very well nonetheless.

  • tcwik
    about 7 years ago

    no, comment section ;d

  • spareliver
    over 7 years ago

    Works as intended. Makes working with Substance Painter/Designer a breeze. Thank you for creating this and uploading it.

  • filecc
    over 7 years ago

    Love it, but...
    What do you mean with "Mixed AO Map"? :(

  • garfield5mm
    over 7 years ago

    would you add opcity options, plz.~~~~

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