Sky Environment Shader V.2

by Creative Skipper in Materials, Shaders, Textures

I can't see sky

(Sky Environment shader v.1)

If you not see sky, make sure, that in Render tab -> Film -> Transparent option is turned off.

How to add glow for stars?

(Sky Environment shader v.1)

To add Glow for stars, use Glare node (multiple times) in Compositing.

I used Glare (Fog Glow) 3 times & Glare (Streaks) one time.

I swiched to Night, but I still not see the stars

(Sky Environment shader v.1)

If you switch to Night (value = 1) & not see stars, change scale value (to 1 or 2 for example) in Mapping node wich conected to Stars node.