Simplebake - Simple Pbr And Other Baking In Blender

by HaughtyGrayAlien in Addons

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  • BVBY
    8 days ago

    saving my life! high to low perfectly

  • lyx3213
    12 days ago

    I was getting a lot of troubles for understand the baking on Blender, im studying 3D modeling and was having a difficult time, this addon fixed all my problems with just 2 clicks

  • jonathan done
    20 days ago

    Good and well thought out Addon should be blenders standard bake option.

  • rbgr
    26 days ago

    Must buy. I can't live without this addon in my game-ready assets workflow.

  • Laurynas
    27 days ago

    Constantly crashes blender, huge lags

  • Martin Eaton
    29 days ago

    Great Addon!

    • HaughtyGrayAlien

      25 days ago

      Thanks for taking the time to review.

  • Bradley Auerbach
    about 1 month ago

    It ruined my hard work! After baking, the original UV map is stuck and any edits to the UVs no longer affect the model, forcing me to recreate the whole thing from scratch!

    • HaughtyGrayAlien

      25 days ago

      When you ask SimpleBake to create a new UV map, it just adds a new UV map to the object. Your original UVs always remain, and you can easily switch back to them (same goes for your materials - SimpleBake is entirely non-destructive).
      I'm unsure what you mean by the original UV map being "stuck", but as noted SimpleBake doesn't touch the original UV map.

      There are some really good beginner tutorials on YouTube that cover UVs and unwrapping in Blender. Once you get an understanding of the basics, SimpleBake should be easier to use!

      If you are unhappy with SimpleBake or are struggling to use it then please get in touch for a refund.

  • chern-yin chen
    about 1 month ago

    Very intuitive to use.

    • HaughtyGrayAlien

      25 days ago

      Thanks for the review!

  • noideaman
    about 1 month ago

    Works great, I was able to merge multiple meshes into a single texture and material. It can take a bit but it is fully automated.

    Features i would like to see
    -ways to prioritize of materials to minimize loss of detail when merging meshes
    -support for other uv arranging tools like uvpackmaster for tighter packing of uv's when you tell simplebake to make a new uv
    -updated documentation.

  • kolikov-blender
    about 1 month ago

    I'm not a pro, but this addon does the job and it does it well.
    Saved me from a lot of headaches.

    • HaughtyGrayAlien

      25 days ago

      Thank you

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