Simplebake - Simple Pbr And Other Baking In Blender 2.8

by HaughtyGrayAlien in Scripts and Addons

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  • Stefan about 18 hours ago

    Very nice! What you expect. Happy People

  • Brendon 9 days ago

    So easy to bake, and saved me a bunch of money on buying something like Marmoset or Substance. Thank you!

  • Oliver 12 days ago

    A must have for everyone using a blender-sketchfab workflow. I cannot count how many hours I've saved with this plugin.

  • Gabe 15 days ago

    one of the only bake tools with all the right maps that actually works! Blender is not usable while it bakes which is expected but if you look at the destination file you can see the progress as it bakes. Must have for bakers!

  • Dirk about 2 months ago

    This addon is amazing. It saved me a lot of time finding an easy workflow to bake textures, but it is a pain in Blender. Baking textures is something Blender should do for us, but Blender can't do it in an easy way. Thank you for the addon. You saved me countless hours with baking textures.

    • HaughtyGrayAlien about 1 month ago

      Brilliant! Yes, baking in Blender is a time consuming pain in the ****. Baking PBR textures in particular just isn't supported, and you are left to come up with some convoluted work flow of your own. Hopefully SimpleBake will save more people from that!

  • walter 2 months ago

    I am new to baking and this is really helping. thx :)

    • HaughtyGrayAlien about 1 month ago

      Glad to hear this. Making baking easier and less time consuming is the overall objective of SimpleBake. Glad to hear that it is working for you.

  • Karl Xuthus 2 months ago

    Useful add-on for helping U3D to bake texture.

    • HaughtyGrayAlien about 1 month ago

      Great to hear, thank you for taking the time to leave a review :-)

  • newawa 3 months ago

    Great Addon!is that possable to add a progress bar while being baking?

    • HaughtyGrayAlien about 1 month ago

      Hi - thank you for the view. Adding a progress bar (or similar) is on my long term goals list, but I have not made it a priority. SimpleBake outputs to the terminal to let you know what it is doing (see the FAQs). When you bake, Blender locks up, and there is no way to avoid this. The way that other add-ons give a progress bar is by starting up another instance of Blender in the background, leaving your copy of Blender responsive. I may do something similar eventually, but I have my concerns about doing it this way and I am not sure that it is ultimately worth the effort. At the moment, I am focused on adding more requested functionality like channel packing (which has been quite tricky). Overall, I think that's more important than a progress bar.

      Sorry for the long answer! Thank you again.

  • Erik 3 months ago

    Life is too short for tedious tasks. This has been my best $10 spend to date. Fantastic addon for a great price. Thank you!!

    • HaughtyGrayAlien about 1 month ago

      Definitely agree with the life is too short sentiment! Really happy to hear this, and really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review.

  • Alexander Graf 3 months ago

    Great Addon. Very useful, simple and powerful. For the texturing process with Quixel Mixer i appreciate the new special Bakes like curvature, ID, thickness. My wish: bake Displacement.

    • HaughtyGrayAlien about 1 month ago

      Hey - thank you. Really pleased to hear that SimpleBake has helped your workflow. I will look into adding bake displacement. Thank you for the review.

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