Rigging Toolz

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From the folks at PatazAnimation comes Pataz Rigging Toolz, an in-house tool turned public!

This growing collection of helper tools was born out of necessity from Pataz Animation's lead rigger after getting frustrated with tedious operations and dangerous defaults which can break a rig in an instant!

Pataz Rigging Toolz makes generating Rigify rigs a much easier and flexible process, as well as simplifies and improves the often repetitive weight painting process. And it keeps getting better!

The video bellow covers only part of the available operators. For a full list check the manual.

v3.9 Update is now available with more operators and interface improvements!

What others are saying

Awesome plug-in btw! This is a game changer... The toggle to weight paint while showing bones, Man! It's dramatically speeds up the process! I was doing it a clunky way, which got the same results, but it was janky af!
Marc V.

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