Stylized Rigged Girl

by arzvel in Models

The rig is IK.

  • Weight painting has not been touched to make modifications easier.
  • No shape keys are involved in the deformation of each pose (facial expressions only).
  • The model has ONLY 3 Modifiers: Armature (without Preserve Volume), Subdivision set at level 1, and Solidify for the Outline effect.
  • The files named "LAYOUT" are .png files granted to make the texture editing process much easier by having a general view of the entire topology.

Includes the previous V3 files, the Cartoon Edition file, and all the hairstyles, helmets, eyebrows, and eyelashes of the Hairstyles file.

The shader of the cartoon file is a very common one, but as the whole file, it is modified to give priority to performance.
So you may check on this setup:
  • Eevee engine.
  • 6 render sample passes.
  • 3 viewport render passes.
  • No Ambient Occlusion (This is mandatory for the shader to work properly).
  • Shadows OFF from light sources (materials react to light types and levels).
  • Some other setups like subdivision surface at minimum levels on quality and quantity. High-quality normals deactivated.
  • Solidify to emulate the outline.
  • 2K resolution .png textures (2160 x 2160). With 4K textures included if you want more resolution.

This product also contains the OLD V2 MODEL. as it was on its last update FEMALE RIGGED STYLIZED MODEL (FK VERSION)

This were the improvements for that product:
  • The mesh is now the same as the IK version, this means an exact increase of 10 polys.
  • The rig has been upgraded in the butt zone to preserve volume when bending legs forward. Also the constraints values of the breasts were revised to better look.
  • new skin textures were added and the existing one was remanded to match the quality of the newer one.
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Published about 3 years ago
Blender Version 4.1
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License Royalty Free
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