Stylized Rigged Girl

by arzvel in Models

Stylized Rigged Girl

for Blender 4.1

"Thanks for the view and welcome to my finest work to date. A product for users/artists who are in search of a very close representation of the human body in a well-crafted stylized female character. And as usual, No Weight Painting, No Corrective Shape Keys."

This is the Version 4. A complete rework of the previous V3 female models which now have the following features.

The Mesh.

As you can see is cleaner and lighter than many other meshes of its class. Fully upgraded, revised, and reworked to maximum efficiency with a very decent density.

There are 6 models:

  • Types A, B, and C.

These models are considered to be "Low Poly" for some users, but "Mid Poly" is a better label.

The Rig.

The rig is very simple thanks to the minimal number of controllers required to work with. There is just one bone placed for correction purposes, and this was built this way to save time on animation/posing processes.

The spine is mainly controlled by exterior controllers that deliver specific orders to the whole interior chain; can also be posed by rotating each spine bone individually, but you will find that individual spine rotations will be not necessary 90% of the time.

You may check this clip SHOULDER RIG DEMO. The clip is from the V3 model -also included with this purchase- but V4 contains the same method, just has better results.

The Poses.

This version has reworked all of the 39 original body poses and all of them, in their newer form are far superior, easier to replicate, and more appealing than the previous ones.

There are now a total of 56 body poses, 21 facial expressions, and 61 Hand positions. Plenty of new poses were added and as always, this new set of poses shows only the best of the rig performance.

*You may check the FAQ Section to learn more about how to load the Pose Library for V3 Female versions.


Special Pack from the Artist Aurthur Cayley, (ArtStation - Aurthur Cayley) has come to add a nice touch to this set. 

This model counts with 26 mesh-based Hairstyles and 6 texture skins. And like its predecessor, it will be updated to match the 10 previous number of skins. It also contains a pair of sports shoes, one pair of high heels, and two types of glasses.

The models are already Unwrapped and the texture files are .png 4k size.

An Adobe Illustrator file is now part of the package. This file contains the textures well organized and ready to be edited in case you want to add anything you need, or just to make changes. This vector file grants you the option to export your textures in any resolution you want.

For now, this is all that this new version has to offer. Now, allow me to leave you with the presentation of the previous version since is part of this purchase. Just make sure you have Blender 3.6 installed for the proper use of these files.

Saludos y gracias por todo!

Stylized Rigged Girl

complete edition. V3

for Blender 3.6

Thanks for the view and welcome, this is the V3 version of the female rigged models. All of the files are now updated for recent Blender platforms. The main differences with the newer V4 models are the mesh (in its polycount and overall vertex distribution) and the rig (basically the same but V4 has a better layer distribution, mainly for learning and understanding, not so much for classic/standard armature organization).

*This model is considered to be Low Poly for some users, but Mid Poly is a better label.

Featured Animations in this File:


Mamahaha Flight!

Can't Stop RHCP Bass Cover

DIVE - Blender Animation

BLENDER 2.9+ SHOULDER RIG DEMO - YouTube - Shoulders & Arms Rig technical showcase.

*You may check on the *FAQ to learn how to load the animations.

Main features:

There are 3 different models, each with 2 versions, plus the Cartoon edition, based on the Type C mesh model.

  • Type A: 5,280 quads in Full Body and 5,066 in normal Body.
  • Type B: 5,314 quads in Full Body and 5,100 in normal Body.
  • Type C: 5,322 quads in Full Body and 5,080 in normal Body.
The rig is very simple, and the number of controllers is very low because there is just one optional bone placed for correction purposes, (you may check this clip BLENDER 2.9+ SHOULDER RIG DEMO - YouTube) this helps a lot with the animation/posing speed process.

The spine is mainly controlled by exterior controllers that give specific orders to the whole interior chain. Can also be posed by rotating each interior bone individually, but this is not necessary 90% of the time.

21 Hairstyles and 10 texture skins. The models are already Unwrapped and the texture files are 2 tiled 2K and 4k size.

The file has already 83 poses for you to understand the several bendings limits:

  • 8 Test Poses: Shoulders and hips/legs performing at maximum bending levels, T and A poses.
  • 20 Hand positions: Closed, extended, interacting, and many other useful finger configurations to complete your poses.
  • 16 Face expressions: Joy, confidence, focus, anger, surprise...
  • 40 Body positions: Performing some of the MOST DIFFICULT POSES TO ARCHIVE TO ANY RIG, you'll see...

*This library is the replacement for the old library pose on Blender 3.0- versions and was built for 3.2+ Blender users.


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