Rig Lattice Add-On

by Kristaps Skuburs in Addons

How to install?
  1. Download the Add-On

  2. Install the Add-On:

    • Open Blender.

    • Go to¬†Edit > Preferences.

    • Navigate to the¬†Add-ons¬†section.

    • Click the¬†Install¬†button.

    • Select the downloaded¬†RigLattice¬†Python file.

    • Enable the checkbox next to the add-on to activate it

How to use?
  1. Access the Tool:

    • Press¬†N¬†to open the¬†Properties Panel.

    • Navigate to the¬†Tool Tab.

    • Look for the¬†RigLattice¬†section.

  2. Control Parents and Resolution:

    • Adjust the parenting options according to your needs.

    • Decide whether the lattice should be parented to the rig and/or if the selected object should be directly parented to the lattice.

    • Change the resolution settings.

  3. Apply the Rig Lattice:

    • Select your object.

    • Click the¬†Rig Lattice Selected¬†button.