Rig Lattice Add-On

by Kristaps Skuburs in Addons

With a single click, you can create a lattice that is parented to the rig for your chosen object. Additionally, you have control over the parenting relationship—whether the lattice is parented to the rig, or if the selected object is directly parented to the lattice. 🛠️

How to use?

  1. Access the Tool:

    • Press N to open the Properties Panel.

    • Navigate to the Tool Tab.

    • Look for the RigLattice section.

  2. Control Parents and Resolution:

    • Adjust the parenting options according to your needs.

    • Decide whether the lattice should be parented to the rig and/or if the selected object should be directly parented to the lattice.

    • Change the resolution settings.

  3. Apply the Rig Lattice:

    • Select your object.

    • Click the Rig Lattice Selected button.

How to install?

  1. Download the Add-On

  2. Install the Add-On:

    • Open Blender.

    • Go to Edit > Preferences.

    • Navigate to the Add-ons section.

    • Click the Install button.

    • Select the downloaded RigLattice Python file.

    • Enable the checkbox next to the add-on to activate it