Rig Anything With Rigify - Early Bird 60% Off

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  • John Klassen about 1 month ago

    Great course. Clear instructions and explanations, and demonstrates some errors.

    • Todor Nikolov about 1 month ago

      Thank you for the review, John!

  • Eric Love 2 months ago

    Excellent course so far. I have been searching for a training video on Rigify for a very long time. Glad that I finally found one. Great investment!!!

    • Todor Nikolov 2 months ago

      Awesome! I was looking for one myself but I ended up making one instead :)
      Thank you for your support!

  • blendthat 2 months ago

    Excellent course. Instructor explains in a concise way so that you have a quick and efficient result. Very good to understand Rigify's flexibility for characters rigging finally explained in the right way.

    • Todor Nikolov 2 months ago

      Thank you for the positive review! My goal with the course was exactly that: to keep it concise and accessible.

  • artgolf1000@gmail.com 3 months ago

    Just took a glance of all the videos, it definitely worth the price, high quality tutorial!
    The voice is clear and easy to understand, I don't speak English, but I can grasp all the meaning.
    I have never thought that Rigify can rig anything before, thank you for the excellent tutorial.

    • Todor Nikolov 3 months ago

      Thank you for the prompt and positive review!
      I am happy you are learning something new. Rigify is a hidden gem in my opinion.
      I am happy you found the tutorial easy to understand. That was my goal with it!

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