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by toshicg in Training

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07/29/2020: I have just updated the course with an awesome Dragon rigging tutorial. More updates coming soon.

Sneak Peek here:

Do you find rigging in Blender difficult? Tried and failed to build advanced rigs for your characters? Do you find it takes forever to create even a rudimentary rig?

You're not alone. Rigging is tough. It requires a high level of both artistic and technical skills.

Lucky for us Blender offers us an easier solution: a free addon called Rigify. It's not enabled by default, therefore many people don't even know it exists. And its' advanced features are hidden behind a slightly unintuitive interface. Thus few artists utilize it to its full potential.

Due to lack of quality information, a lot of Blender users think that Rigify is all about the Meta Rigs, especially the "Human Meta-rig".

Rigify offers tools that allow you to solve less trivial rigging problems. When you learn how to use Rigify properly you can rig pretty much anything. Here are some characters we'll rig together in this course:

Build your Rigs from Lego Blocks

Rigify is a modular rigging system. It provides the artist with easy to understand building blocks like legs, arms, spines, tails, and many more. Using those you can rig almost any character. 

Traditional rigging, on the other hand, deals with abstract and complicated concepts like constraints, drivers, local vs world translations, matrices etc. The truth is, most artists won't have the time to learn manual rigging at an advanced level. Thanks to Rigify, we don't have to.

So Rigify is pretty awesome.

The only problem is figuring out how to use it.

➡This is where this course comes in.

You'll learn how to rig any character in the following three modules: Rigify Basics, Rigify Video Manual, and Advanced Rigify Sessions.

Rigify Basics

is where you'll learn the most important aspects of Rigify. These are the chapters you'll get as soon as you purchase:

  1. Intro to Blender Armatures
  2. Overview of the Rigify Workflow
  3. Rigging with Meta Rigs (biped and quadruped)
  4. Extending the meta rigs and  avoiding bad practices 
  5. The Rigify Building Blocks, aka Rig Types
  6. Creating a custom Meta Rig from scratch: Alien Character
  7. Usability Improvements
  8. Posing the character (will be added very soon)

I made this Module free on my Youtube channel. Feel free to check it out first. If you decide to buy the full course later, please come back here to Blender Market to support their awesome work!
Progress: 100%

Video Manual

is available now. It will help you understand every single option you find in Rigify. I cover all "building blocks", explain each customization option, and suggest practical applications.
Progress: 100%


Advanced Sessions

are also being worked on. In this part, we'll rig several complex characters together.
I'll definitely include the Dragon and Two-headed Ogre you see below. These characters allow me to demonstrate creative and unorthodox usage of the Rigify tools. I am planning at least one more session. I will consider user feedback and decide the exact content later.

Progress: 50%

  • Dragon (Now Available)

In this session, we'll rig a dragon using Rigify. For the face, we'll create a custom rig and then integrate it into the Rigify rig using one of the most advanced features of the addon. This is a workflow that you can find literally NOWHERE else!

  • Ogre (coming soon!)

I have already prepared these rigs but recording the videos will take time.

  • Wing Rigging (planned bonus session) 

As I get closer to completing the advanced chapters, the price will gradually go up. If you don't want to pay $45+ in the future, get the course now!

⚠️A few warnings before you buy:

  • If you purchase now you'll only get early access to the Basics course. Manual and Advanced Sessions will come later. "Basics" alone will give you a very solid base on which to build custom rigs. 
  • I am working as fast as I can but creating good video tutorials takes time. I expect to have more content in the coming weeks and months. But there is no set release date for "Manual" and "Advanced Sessions"!
  • Make sure you are registered on the Blender market with an active email address that you check often. That will allow me to send you notifications when I update the course. Otherwise, you'll have to manually check for updates from time to time. Which I can't recommend.


07/29/2020 Update v3.0 :
-added Module 3 "Dragon rigging".
-added Chapter 8 to the Module 1 Basics
-improved the start file for Chapter 3&4 for Module 1 Basics  

6/14/2020 Update 2.0: I added Module 2 "Rigify Manual". This series of videos explains every Rig Type and all of their option both before and after generation. No more guesswork! 

5/20/2020 Update v1.1: The Module 1 Basics videos were updated with better editing. Most videos are now 20% shorter while preserving all the information. Some parts are made clearer through annotations. (Recommended action: download Module1_Basics.zip again and replace your local files)