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  1. Install recorder Pro plugins in Blender preferences (Edit menu/Preferences)
  2. In the Add-ons section, clic on "install" and load the zip file of the plugins (don't unzip it)
  3. Check the box next to "Recorder Pro"

    The plugins is installed in the right panel (called the Sidebar (N shortkey) of the 3D viewport, inside "JK" Pannel

    Select objects and use it, that it !

How it works

  1. Select the objects, camera, lights, or bones (in Pose Mode) that you want to animate.

  2. Click on the "Select Transforms Property" button and choose the desired property such as PositionRotationScale or Visibility

  3. Click on the "RECORD BUTTON"

Recorder Pro will automatically create keyframes for the selected objects and properties.

You can also enable or disable the Autokey feature directly in the Recorder Pro interface. Additionally, you have the option to toggle overlay for better visualization.

Animating the visibility

To animate the visibility of objects in both the viewport and render, follow these steps:

  1. Select the object you want to animate.

  2. Check the "V" property for visibility.

  3. Hit the "RECORD BUTTON."

Please note that the visibility won't update with Autokey.

Delete all / current Keyframes and reset

3 buttons will help you to animate in fullscreen

Delete all Keyframes Button will delete all keyframe on selected objects and only on selected properties

Delete current Button will delete current keframe(s) on selected object(s) and only on selected properties (if there is a keyframe at current frame)

Reset Button reset the selected proporties on selected object(s) 

Animade with Recorder Pro !

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