Procedural Traffic - Addon And Rigged Cars

by Suzanne studio in Addons

  • 400 cars with Procedural traffic- less than 10 seconds
  • 400 cars animated by hand - let me bring calculator - FOREVER

  • One car - real time
  • Four hundred cars - 30fps with proxy cars
  • Million and one car - bring a fire extinguisher (everything bellow is fine)

  • System is fully customizable
  • These cars can't crash into each other (but you can try)

  • Fully functional single rigged cars 
  • Works with addon Rigacar

  • High detailed exterior and interior
  • New cars added monthly

  • Random color palette created specifically for each car
  • Procedural garbage (dirt, splashes and scratches) randomized too for extra realism

  • Camera culling 
  • Slow down zones
  • 120+ randomized license plates

  • 250+ customizable signs with procedural materials
  • Simple drag and drop use

  • (V1.01) 5.10.2023 Optimized cars for even better performance
  • (V1.1.1) 18.10.2023 Fixed bump bugs, improved braking, distance on curve and distance between cars is now regulated to avoid bugs
  • (V1.1.2) 6.11.2023 Added 4 new cars
  • (V2) 21.12.2023 !!! Finally in form of addon for N panel !!! 4 new cars, slow down zones, camera culling, new parking settings and brand new parking lot system on points. Better flexibility for car material, lights and people in cars. + some bug fixes
  • (V2.0.1) 12.2.2024 Added 4 new cars
  • (V2.1) 3.4.2024 Added 2 new cars. New support for cars with 6 wheels(Garbage truck). Blender 4.1 support with improved performance. More controls for dirt on cars.

  • Monthly updates (adding new cars)
  • Multilane interactions (coming in April)
  • More people in the cars

  • No interaction between separate curves for now
  • Curves need to be flat on Z axis (terrain does NOT need to be flat, speed bumps and other imperfections on ground work great)

  • Flickering in render while persistent data is on (just don't turn it on)(blender bug)
Tutorial is in Documentation

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Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
License GPL
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