Postshade - Puddle Fx [Eevee, Cycles] 1.0

by Post Shade FX in Surfacing

What's better that a quick video showcase to see how it works?...


  1. Diffuse Color:  is where your diffuse map or color output should go
  2. AO Color:  is where your Ambient occlusion map should go (if you got one...leave white otherwise  )
  3. Normal Color:  is where your normal map color output should go
  4. Normal Strenght : This value will allow you to increase or decrease the strenght of your normal
  5. Use Puddle Custom normal: This will define (when set to 1) if puddle should use custom normal instead of flat normals
  6. Puddle Custom Normal :  is where your custom puddle normal should go if you maybe want noise on your water surface (rainripples?)
  7. Displacement Value :  is where your displacement map color output should go
  8. Glossiness :  is where your Glossiness or Roughness map should go (don't forget to invert it first if you use roughness instead of glossyness)
  9. Use Custom Noise : This value define if you want to use custom procedural noise instead of displacement height based puddles.
  10. Puddle Height Value :  is the Value that will make your puddle emerge from the ground (go crazy with the values, they're not normalized to allow more control)
  11. Puddle Height Smooth :  is the amount of smooth transition between puddle surface and non wet part of your material.
  12. Puddle Roughness Value : is the amount of pure roughness on your puddles
  13. Puddle Diffuse Color Multiply: This will define the color multiplication of the diffuse trough the water surface.
  14. Mud Amount : is the amount of mud you will want to add to increase realism to your puddles
  15. Mud Smooth : is the amount of smooth transition between mud inside the puddle and the puddle itself
  16. Mud Diffuse Color: basically the mud color
  17. Base Wetness : is the wetness amount you can add to your non puddle part in the material (it can help to reach the result ;) )
  18. Displacement Water Height (CYCLES ONLY) : is the height of the water plane in your material
  19. Displacement Scale  (CYCLES ONLY) : is the amount of real displacement that will be applied to the material when using microdisplacement
  20. Displacement Midlevel  (CYCLES ONLY) : is the Midlevel point of the displacement, basically defines the ground zero.
  21. Custom Noise Scale : s is the scale of the custom noise if you decide to use it instead of displacement based puddles
  22. Custom Noise Detail is the amount of detail from the custom noise based puddles.
  23. Custom Noise Dimension  is the Dimension of detail from the custom noise based puddles.
  24. Custom Noise Offset is the 3D offset of your custom noise based puddles. use it to randomize puddles between different objects.
  25. Clear Coat Roughness: is the roughness value of your clearcoat layer on top of the puddles.

If you got any question don't hesitate to contact me , i'll add it later in the FAQ section .

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