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Can I use the extra files (brushes etc.) with other software such as Affinity Photo?

The brushes are made to be used with Photoshop but also work with Photopea and Affinity Photo (and any software that loads .abr files). Some settings, however, are not supported by some of the alternatives. Therefore some brushes might not work as intended or need adjustments (e.g. the "Stars" brush comes with white colour as default, but if the software doesn't support saving brush colour, then it's not available). You can test some brushes with our free tier.

Can I watch the lessons offline?

Yes, you'll get all the lesson files as downloadable files (.mp4) to watch however you like.

Do the lessons have Subtitles?

At the moment, there are no subtitles available. We are looking into generating subtitles for different languages, however! 

What language are the lessons in?

All lessons come with English (only) audio.

What software/hardware do I need for this course?

Every system that runs Blender should suffice. You'll need an internet connection to download the lessons, extra content, and space (~ 10GB) on your hard drive. You'll need a video player (already installed on Linux, windows and mac) and speakers or a headset to watch the video lessons. The cheat sheets are in .pdf format, which you can open with most internet browsers or use a .pdf file viewer like Adobe Reader (free).

I'm already quite good a post processing, can I still learn something?

This depends on your actual knowledge. If you can create and save masks based on content, colour and with the help of blender passes, know how to use the specular, environment, ambient occlusion, mist, emitter and volume pass to create different effects, know how to clean up render mistakes, you can add rain, snow, stars, moons, fire, lightrays and such with a few clicks. This course offers little if you know how to use all the adjustment layers and camera raw to create precisely the images you want.
If you still want to try it out and honestly say that you didn't learn something useful and that all the .psd files and workflow videos didn't help you, I'll refund you the course!

Do I need Photoshop for this course?

No. Although this course was filmed in Photoshop and designed for it, you can use similar software such as Photopea (free) or Affinity Photo 1 or 2 (one-time payment). If you need to know which software is the right for you, grab the free option and take a look at the Software Comparision video, where I go through the alternatives to Photoshop and their pros and cons.

License agreement

Purchasing this course allows you personal and educational use of the content. You cannot redistribute any of the content (videos, brush packs, Blender files) without explicit permission from us. Videos are subject to copyright and may not be uploaded to any video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

You ARE allowed to use the image files, edit and upload them, post them where you wish as these are part of the learning materials and are for your use. Credit must be given for the use of the source images from advised in the license file in the downloads section 

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