Toys And Play Room Things

by Soki Studio in Models

It’s modeled in a single piece and doesn’t  have any materials on it. All the objects are unwraped :).


Only a few models have the subsurf modifier activated.

How to use the models?

All the modelsare ready to be used. Just Open the file and you will find in the layer #1 the models. All of them are made in a single object so you will find easy to manage.The center of the object is located at the center bottom of the model so also is ready to be transformated in any way preserving the right sense of movement and physic.

What about the transformations?

It has all the transformations applied to the obData (Loc, Rot and Scale)Also it's located at the 0,0,0

I have a external animated scene, how do I link a model?

It's easy! From your external blend scene go to "File" - > "Link" (CTRL+SHIFT+O) -> Select the PlayRoom.blend -> Inside the file RNA choose : "Object" -> then click the name of the desired object on the file eg:"Train". And be shure ,before you click on the "Link from Library" Button , to check the "Link" option (if you want to keep the relation) or uncheck it if you want a local copy of the model.