Pbr Plastic Shader

by fathom45 in Materials, Shaders, Textures



  • Unzip the PBR_Plastic_Shader_v3.blend file
  • Open Blender
  • Go to Files>Append>\destination folder\>PBR_Plastic_Shader_v3.blend>NodeTree
  • Select "PBR_Plastic_Shader_v3" then click on "append from library"
  • Save startup file with "ctrl+u"

From now, each time you open blender, this shader will be available.


  • With an object selected, assign a materials.
  • Then in the node editor, open the add menu "shift+a"
  • Go to Group and select "PBR_Plastic_Shader_v3"
  • Connect the "shader" output of the "PBR_Plastic_Shader" node to the surface input of the "material output" node.