Node Parameter Display

by Luwizart in Modifier Setups

Q6: How do I access the pop-up of the Node Parameter Display Panel?

A: The pop-up for the Node Parameter Display panel can be accessed by pressing ALT + F.

Q5: I can't see the Node Parameter Display Panel, where is it located?

A: The Node Parameter Display Panel is located in the Object properties window under the "Tool" category in the 3D view. Ensure that the selected object is of 'MESH' or 'CURVE' type with a Geometry Node modifier and/or material slots with nodes.

I can't see the parameters of my nodes, what could be the problem?

A: Ensure that the node you're trying to access is marked for display (ends with "_DIS"). Also, check that the visibility toggle for either modifier parameters or material parameters is switched on in the Node Parameter Display panel.

Q3: How can I add or remove nodes from the display?

A: You can easily add or remove nodes from the display using the 'Add to Parameter' and 'Remove from Parameter' options in the context menu of the Shader Editor and Geometry Node Editor.

How do I install the Node Parameter Display add-on?

A: The add-on can be installed like any other Blender add-on. Download the .py file and go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > Install..., then navigate to the downloaded file. Once installed, make sure to check the box to enable the add-on.

Q1: What versions of Blender is the Node Parameter Display compatible with?

A: The Node Parameter Display add-on is compatible with Blender version 3.0X and potentially subsequent versions as well. However, it is advised to always check for updates or refer to the product description for the most accurate compatibility information.