Node Parameter Display

by Luwizart in Modifier Setups

Node Parameter Display Add-on Documentation


The Node Parameter Display is a Blender add-on that provides a practical interface for displaying and editing parameters of Geometry Node and Material Node in the 3D view. The add-on introduces 'Add to Parameter' and 'Remove from Parameter' options in the context menu for Shader Editor and Geometry Node Editor.


  1. Download the Node Parameter Display add-on file (a .py file).
  2. Open Blender. Navigate to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > Install...
  3. In the file dialog, navigate to where you downloaded the .py file, select it, and click Install Add-on.
  4. In the Add-ons tab, ensure that Node Parameter Display is enabled by ticking the checkbox next to it.

User Guide

Accessing Node Parameter Display Panel

The Node Parameter Display Panel is accessible from the Object properties window under the "Tool" category in the 3D view.

Adding Nodes to the Display

In the Shader Editor or Geometry Node Editor, right-click on the node you want to add to the display and select 'Add to Parameter' from the context menu. The node will be marked for display by adding "_DIS" at the end of its name.

Removing Nodes from the Display

To remove nodes from the display, right-click on the node and select 'Remove from Parameter' from the context menu. The "_DIS" suffix will be removed from its name.

Viewing and Editing Node Parameters

In the Node Parameter Display Panel, you can view and directly edit the parameters of the nodes that have been added to the display. If you can't see the parameters, ensure that the visibility toggles for either modifier parameters or material parameters are switched on.

Pop-up Functionality

You can quickly open a pop-up of the Node Parameter Display panel by pressing ALT + F. This is a convenient way to access node parameters without switching views.


If you encounter any issues while using the Node Parameter Display add-on, please make sure that:

  • You are using a compatible version of Blender.
  • The selected object is of 'MESH' or 'CURVE' type.
  • The nodes you want to display are marked for display (their names end with "_DIS").

If problems persist, please contact the support team with the details of your issue.


  1. Open Blender. Navigate to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons.
  2. Search for "Node Parameter Display" in the search bar.
  3. Click on the checkbox to disable the add-on, then click on the 'Remove' button to uninstall it.

Note: The add-on must be disabled before it can be removed.

Updates and Support

For updates, please check the download page regularly. For support, feel free to contact us with any queries or issues.

Remember to always keep your Blender software up-to-date for the best performance and compatibility with add-ons.