Multikey (Shape Keys Made Easy)

by Joseph Hansen in Addons

Where do I find it?

MultiKey lives in the Properties in its own tab.


How do I use it?

First, create a collection that all the related objects are in. Each object in the collection must have at least one shape key. Give objects shape keys with exactly the same names across objects. Open MultiKey, type in the key name, set the value, and click "Preview". The checkbox to the right of each key allows it be enabled/disabled.

How do I add keyframes?

You can either type in a frame or click "Get current frame", then click "Add keyframes at frame". Each of the enabled shape keys will have the value added to the timeline.

Planned release features

  • Add keyframes commit e2daf71

  • Select collection commit 4bbdd59

  • Preview/add multiple keys at once commit 6928382

Upcoming features

  • None planned

Bugs/feature requests:

  • If you have an object selected when you click Preview, it will be de-selected. commit 5d5c2e9

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