Mad - Materials For Architectural Design

by ParametrStudio in Surfacing


MAD_V1_02-AssetBrowser(105Mb)-Move all this to your AssetBrowser file. Drag and drop direct materials instantly. These files will work like Drag and Drop on your models.  

MAD_V1_02-SampleScene(319Mb)- The scene is filled with all the materials applied to the models. Intended for a brief, fast preview of all materials and testing only.

MAD_Reference-Swatches, Material palette preview, and helping node groups


 How to use it: 

You can import only specified materials from the source file to your scene. However, we recommend using the file as a link for the asset browser.  


The collection is saved in One File. All assets are sorted inside.

The best way to use the collection is just to move everything inside your Asset Browser File Path and you can automatically use it in any other file from Default Blender Asset Browser (Shift + F1). The Main Path for your libraries can be found and changed in Blender Preferences/File Path/Asset Libraries

 Basic nodes and just a few special components: 

Only based nodes are used. In some materials, there are only some lightweight node groups to add some effects to improve the overall quality of archviz.You will see how to build them easily by yourself.

 UV Mapping: 

Almost all materials have procedural Object mapping so there is no special need for UV Mapping. Approximately 10 materials have texture images with UV mapping.

All Wood categories have a UV mapping with procedural textures. If you need to rotate the fibers, rotate your UV Map to the desired position. 


Some materials like bricks have prepared displacement maps. To use it you need to prepare blender for use the displacement. We recommend youtube tutorials but in short:

- Switch Blender Render/ Feature Set to Experimental

- In Material Settings Change Displacement from Bump only to Displacement and Bump

- Create Subdivision modifier and turn on Adaptive Subdivision

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