Light Wrangler: Cursor-Targeted Lighting Add-On For Blender®

by Leonid Altman in Render Setups

Can I use this add-on with Cycles and EEVEE?

Light Wrangler is compatible with and designed for use with Blender's built-in Cycles and EEVEE rendering engines, although it should be noted that feathering and other light-node related effects do not work in EEVEE.

Does this addon support other types of lights or only area lights?

Currently, Light Wrangler only supports the positioning and adjustment of Area and Spot lights.

Can I adjust the light source after it's been placed?

Yes, with Light Wrangler, you can easily reposition and adjust previously placed lights. Simply select the light, right-click and choose "Adjust Light".

I've activated Light Wrangler but can't find it, where is it located in Blender?

After activation, Light Wrangler can be accessed by right-clicking and selecting "Add Light", or by using the Menu > Add > Light > Area (Auto) path.

How do I install the Light Wrangler Addon?

Once purchased, you will receive a .zip file. In Blender, go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install, then select the .zip file. Once installed, ensure the checkbox is marked to activate the addon.