Light Wrangler: Masterful Lighting Made Easy In Blender

by Leonid Altman in Render Setups

Blender Add-On for Easy Lighting: Point-and-Click Control

Light Wrangler Overview

Automate Blender lighting with Light Wrangler Add-on. Point to illuminate, lights auto-position with smart placement. Studio-quality lights with HDRI, Gobo, IES for pro-level control.

Core Feature: Interactive Lighting

Easy Blender Light Placement 🎯

Point at the area you want to illuminate, and the plugin will automatically position the light to best highlight that area. It's so convenient, it should be a default Blender feature!

Additional Control Features:

Mouse Wheel Adjustments ⚙️

  • Light Power: Modify the intensity using your mouse wheel.
  • Light Size: Adapt the size. (Shift+Wheel)
  • Light Distance: Control the proximity. (Alt+Wheel)
  • Light Spread: Change the spread. (Ctrl+Wheel)

Adjust Previously Added Lights with Ease 🔄

Just hit TAB to modify your existing lights using the same automated placement mode. Fine-tune your Blender lighting setups without hassle.

Toggle Positioning Modes for Versatility 🕹️

  • Reflect Mode ("Press 1"): Positions the light to emphasize reflections on surfaces.
  • Orbit Mode ("Press 2"): Allows manual adjustment by orbiting the light around its pivot.
  • Direct Mode ("Press 3"): Directs the light towards the area beneath the cursor.

Light Customization (Cycles-Only):

Procedural Scrim Light

Transform a standard area light into a setup akin to an adjustable softbox positioned behind a scrim. Adjust light feathering to create beautiful lighting effects on glossy objects. ⬇️

HDRI Light Textures (Beta)

Elevate realism at your discretion with studio-grade HDRI textures. Access Octabox, Parabolic Reflector, Umbrella, Fresnel, LED panel, and more – all in one click!

Gobo Light Textures (Beta)

Gobos are available as well if you need beautiful shadows in your scene. Some are animated. Compatible with both Area and Spot lights.

IES Light Profiles (Beta)

For Point lights, utilize IES light profiles to accurately replicate the emission patterns of various home lighting.

Note: The collection of HDRIs, Gobos, and IES profiles will expand over time. Currently, these advanced lighting customizations are exclusive to Cycles render engine.

Add-on Benefits

Efficiency: Reduce the time spent in manual light positioning.
Precision: Achieve targeted lighting with ease.
Artistic Focus: Direct more attention to creative choices.

Featured Reviews

"FANTASTIC addon! I absolutely hated placing lights before, this add-on completely flipped that around!! It's now a breeze and super easy to get beautiful results!" — lolpoly
"This is an excellent addon! I had used another program called HDR Light Studio in the past to simplify the lighting process for product modeling, but this is way simpler and gets the job done at a fraction of the price. Just what I needed." — Adam Frangione
"An absolutely well thought out piece of work. Thanks for making creative choices so much easier in blender. 😁" — Navid

"I am so delighted to find this addon. I am a 20 year veteran of another 3D program... Made the jump to Blender and am loving it. But one thing I missed was... the HDR Light Studio extension. ... [They] have jacked the price way too high ... At first I spent some time with the LeoMoon addon, but the system is overly complicated. Your Light Wrangler is just the thing I've been looking for! ... Perfect lighting for product shots is now a cakewalk again! Well done, sir!" — Mark G

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System Requirements & Support

Compatible with Blender 2.9x or newer.
Cross-platform support for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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